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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

Bulletin No.19

Bulletin No.19. INTO ALASKA...
Delta Junction, Alaska. Wednesday 25th August 1999. MILE 5020 (8158Km) of the 2CV Alaska Challenge, from Quebec City.

On the Yukon/Alaska border US Customs gave Jose a hard time. Hey, what's wrong with a Dutch Passport? Have the gentle, peace loving Dutch ever harmed anyone? What surprised us most, though, on all the border crossings, was that the Customs officers never checked the contents of the car. We could have had a case of Kalishnikov rifles, 8 kilos of heroin and ten illegal immigrants hidden in the back of that car, and no one ever checked to see; but there again we were driving an RV (Ridiculous Vehicle) and I suppose no one took us seriously,

Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska Highway, and we rolled into town in the late afternoon, Wednesday 25th August, having clocked-up 1437 miles (2335Km) from Dawson Creek, the start of the AH. At the Visitor Centre we were surprised to discover that Rob Godfrey was some kind of celebrity. Both staff and visitors took pictures of the most famous Citroen 2CV in the world (???). Rob Godfrey lurked in the background, since he had the most famous rotten teeth in the world.

All this hoo hah was because we knew someone in Delta Junction: Pamela, who works at the Town Hall. Pamela invited us to a barbeque she was having that evening and we had our first taste of bear and moose steaks. We also heard some great advice about the Dalton Highway, and in particular how to deal with the many bears up north. Kevin, one of Pamela's friends, gave us a pepper spray, for warding off any stroppy bears we might encounter. But surely, if you spray pepper into the face of a maruading grizzly bear wouldn't that make it even angrier? That evening we arrived in Fairbanks. In the next few days we might have to put that peppar spray to the test. Gulp...


Route Map


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