Tulips From Amsterdam

There’s been major riots in Holland this weekend, ignited because the Dutch authorities have introduced a 9pm curfew (the entire Dutch government resigned recently over a financial scandal). The MSM are mainly reporting riots taking place in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, but honest broadcasters will tell you that the disturbances were widespread in towns and cities all across Holland, with many describing it as the worst civil disturbance in modern Dutch history. Here’s a short summary from Amsterdam yesterday…

Over the weekend there were also major anti-lockdown riots in Denmark, but that’s been going on since last summer.

Back to Holland, this video has been doing the rounds: a woman at the Eindhoven protest was hit at close range by a water canon. She was smashed against a wall and quite badly injured…
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A Pissed off Pub Owner in Wales

I could write reams about what’s going on at the moment; another time. So, instead a pissed off pub owner in Wales. Warning: this short clip contains a lot of bad language (and you might have to unmute the sound on this video to hear it)…

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Lockdown Protest Songs

There’s actually been quite a lot of them, which the mainstream media will never tell you about. I’ll start with ‘Right Said Fred’, which for those unfamiliar are a London-based band formed by brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass in 1989. Their achievements include number 1 hits in 70 countries including one US number 1, one UK number 1, and a number 1 in Japan. They were the first band to reach the number one slot in the US with a debut single since The Beatles. This track, released last year, when the covid stuff was starting to get really manic, is called We’re All Criminals

Van Morrison recently put out three anti-lockdown protest songs, in which he accused the government of being “fascist bullies”. ‘No More Lockdown’, ‘Born to Be Free’ and ‘As I Walked Out’ were written in opposition to the government’s coronavirus restrictions. This is No More Lockdown
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We Need Some Adults in the Room

With every week that goes by this corona crap just gets worse and worse. The question is, how much bullshit will people put up with..?

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Le Chant des Partisans

I live in a part of south west France where the Resistance were most active. In Chabanais, which is just down the road from me, there is the Rue du 1 Aout, a short road that ends at the riverbank, where there is a memorial to seven young members of the French Resistance who were shot dead by the Germans. The execution took place on 1st August 1944. The French Resistance, more formally known as the FTP (Francs Tireurs Partisans) and locally as the Maquis, were very active in this part of France, particularly after the D-day landings in June 1944. From January of that year the RAF started making air drops in the Chabanais area, supplies for the Maquis. In May of 1944 one of these RAF planes was shot down and the airmen were rescued by the Resistance. When the Normandy landings began the Maquis rose up against the Germans and their collaboraters, the GMR (Gardes Mobiles de Reserves). Neither side spared any mercies. A young woman in a wedding dress, on her way to a church near Chabanais to get married, was put up against a wall and shot by the Maquis for being a collaborator. A teacher at the Chabanais school was also put up against a wall. His pupils, under threat of death from the Germans, were forced to execute him.

The Marquis took control of Chabanais in July 1944. What became known as the Battle of Chabanais took place in August, when superior German forces entered the north side of the town. The Maquis blew-up the bridge across the river Vienne in an attempt to stop the German advance, but to little avail. Most of the south side of Chabanais was razed to the ground by the Germans. Lots of people died. A similar story can be found in many other towns and villages in this region. The worst massacre took place in Oradour-sur-Glane, which is about half way between Chabanais and Limoges. In June 1944 a German Waffen-SS company entered the village and began destroying it. The men of the village were taken to a barn and shot. The women and children were herded into the church, which was then torched. In all, 642 were killed, just about every inhabitant. After the war, on the orders of the then French president, Charles de Gaulle, Oradour-sur-Glane was left in its destroyed state, as a memorial to those who died. You can still go there now and see the burnt out cars and buildings, exactly as they were in 1944. To this day the German Occupation remains a painful memory for the French, even amongst the younger generation.

The Chant des Partisans was the most popular song of the Free French and French Resistance during World War II. The song was written by Anna Marly, who was born into a wealthy Russian noble family. Marly came to France at a very young age, just after her father was killed in the aftermath of the October Revolution. At the end of the Second World War, Chant des Partisans was put forward to be the French national anthem…

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She Does Have a Point

My spiderbomb.com domain was taken out last March, just days before the first round of lockdowns began (I had that domain for 20 years). This meant that the Burgundy Blog was offline for 9 months. Now it’s back on my localradio.fr domain. A .fr has a better chance than a .com of surviving the present madness, because those damn French have a bee in their bonnet about civil liberties and human rights. We will have to see what happens…

(if the embed doesn’t work, because of censorship or you are using an old browser, the original link can be found here)

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David Bowie – Look at Those Cave Men Go

Today is the fifth anniversary of the death of David Bowie (he died at the age of 69 from liver cancer), so, any excuse to play some Bowie tracks…

David Bowie spent the mid seventies in Los Angeles, where he was doing large amounts of the white stuff. “I blew my nose one day and half my brains came out,” he later said. In 1976 Bowie fled back to Europe for some personal detox, and what became known as the Berlin trilogy of albums, the first of which was Low. This is A New Career in a New Town From the Low album…

David Bowie spent 3 years in Berlin. During this period he smoked and drank heavily yet managed to kick the cocaine. He is also alleged to have had an affair with a transvestite nightclub owner, as you do. This next track is also from the Low album and it’s called Always Crashing in the Same Car
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Frankenstein Flu and James Bond Villains

Have you now had enough of lockdowns? which the psychopaths who rule us are now hinting will go on indefinately. It’s just breathtaking how the majority of the public have accepted all this virus bullshit as fact (death rates during 2020 were really no different than they were in 2018 and 2019), and it’s also quite breathtaking how most of the public are passively accepting the roll out of a totalitarian dystopia/police state. Likewise, how they’re all queuing up to take untested and unlicensed vaccines, thinking that once the vaccines have been administered ‘everything will go back to normal’. Nope: the psychopaths have completely trashed the global economy, and they have also completely trashed human society, and this has all been done on purpose. The world we once knew has now gone forever.

I’ll stick to the UK, but it’s the same sort of totalitarian crap in most countries around the world: this was shot in Hyde Park, London, last Saturday…

Also on Saturday in Hyde Park the police arrested a young woman. This has been very common over recent weeks. Many of us think that this is a deliberate policy by the police, to arrest women, to provoke men in the protests to violence…
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Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake

The Small Faces were a Beat band formed in London in 1965 by Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, and Jimmy Winston (who was soon replaced by Ian McLagan). Heavily influenced by American rhythm and blues, they later evolved into a psychedelic act before disbanding in 1969. Despite the fact that they were only together for four years, The Small Faces’ music output from the mid to late sixties remains as notable as any British Beat and psychedelic music of that era. So, I’m going to get a bit far out with this New Year’s Eve post by featuring a selection of tracks from Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, a seminal album by The Small Faces. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake was released in 1968 and got to No.1 in the UK album charts, and it stayed there for 6 weeks. This is the opening and title track from the album…

Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake is a parody of Ogdens’ Nut-brown Flake, a brand of tobacco. The album sleeve is round, the first of its kind, and resembles a giant tobacco tin, which seems quite appropriate for a psychedelic cockney knees-up. This is the second track on the album and it’s called Afterglow (of your love)
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9 Months That Changed The World

My spiderbomb.com domain was taken out last March, shortly before the first round of lockdowns. Hence this blog has been down for 9 months, 9 months during which the world we once knew has been changed forever.

More about all that another time. I’ve spent long hours today getting the Burgundy Blog properly transferred to my localradio.fr domain, and this post is really just a test to see if things are working properly.

More later; and hang in there folks: we will get through the nightmare we presently find ourselves in.

Remember, never let the bastards grind you down

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Beware the Ides of March

Yesterday, the 15th day of the month, was the Ides of March, which became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar, making the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history.

Yesterday was also a blue sky day here in south west France. Although it’s very rural where we are, above us is a major aviation highway. You can’t hear the jets going over, because they are too high, but on a clear day you can see the planes, which are going to Spain, Portugal, North Africa and trans-Atlantic. Yesterday that glorious blue sky was practically empty. It reminded me of a Tuesday many years ago, when I was in central London doing a survey at an office block just across from Victoria Station. It was the first time I’d ever seen the skies above my home city completely empty of planes.

As with 9/11, we are going through a major reset at the moment – history in the fast lane. I’m not going to dwell on this, because events are still rapidly unfolding with breathtaking speed. I’ll just say that the Resistance here in France continues unabated, despite the Frankenstein flu, and the gilets jaunes were out on the streets this weekend in their tens of thousands, despite a government ban against gatherings of more than 100 people. The gilets jaunes were marking Acte 70, the 70th consecutive week of protests against ‘austerity’ and neoliberalism.

I’m also not going to add to the tidal wave of fear porn that’s going around at the moment. Instead, let’s have some uplifting music; well, there’s a bit of a back story to this one: Steve Harley formed the group Cockney Rebel in the early 1970s. Harley hails from my neck of the woods, south London (my cousin went to school with Steve Harley and they were mates). Harley was a bit of an egomaniac and a very difficult customer. During the early days of Cockney Rebel all of the original band members walked out. The band’s biggest hit, Make Me Smile, was done with session musicians, and even these walked out during the recording of the song. Harley had to get in further session musicians to finish recording the track, which went to the number-one spot in the UK charts and was a hit worldwide. Listening to the song you wouldn’t believe the acrimony that lays behind it.

So, grab your toilet rolls and dance around the room in your Hazmat suit while listening to this. Santé…

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Happy Birthday Dear Sergei

Last week marked the second anniversary of the Salisbury poisonings, when Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence officer, and his daughter Yulia were supposedly poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent. The official narrative of the Salisbury poisonings is so ridiculous it defies belief, yet the presstitutes did not question anything and reported the government line as fact. The Salisbury poisonings were yet another of those “We’re in trouble” moments, in the sense that it starkly highlighted that the rule of law is no more and we are now in authoritarianism. The three decades or so of the post-war consensus have gone down the tubes, and now the psychopaths are firmly back in the saddle.

Another stark “We’re in trouble” moment is with the present coronavirus scare; once again whipped-up into a frenzy by the presstitutes. What the psychopaths are trying to do with the Frankenstein flu is anyone’s guess. My guess is that it’s being used to mask the inevitable global financial melt down and the civil unrest that will follow. And talking of civil unrest, this weekend marked Acte 69, the 69th consecutive week of gilets jaunes protests. Numbers were down on previous weeks, yet there were still a large number of protestors on the streets in towns and cities all over France. Here’s a clip of the protest in Paris on Saturday afternoon…

You might note that no one is wearing a coronavirus face mask. Face masks only come out when the police start using tear gas. As well as the gilets jaunes, on Saturday night and Sunday tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris and other cities around France to mark International Women’s day. The police steamed straight in with tear gas. In fact the brutality against these women protestors was quite breathtaking. It was another of those “We’re in trouble” moments. This clip was taken at the Place de la République metro station in Paris…

On Sunday evening President Macron held an emergency meeting to decide what further measures should be taken to combat the coronavirus – the Frankenstein flu comes in rather handy when the plebs are in a state of revolt. Amongst other things, France has now banned gatherings of more than 1000 people. My guess is that the very angry French won’t take a blind bit of notice of this ban.

May you live in interesting times.

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Coronavirus Conspiracy

This week saw the start of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, which is taking place at Woolwich Magistrates Court in London. There’s been barely any coverage of this in the mainstream media, a court hearing that’s like something out of a 1930s Stalinist show trial; and talking of legal stuff, this week all the lawyers in France went on strike (there’s been fights between the lawyers and police – you can find video of it online)…

The lawyers are the latest to join a massive wave of protests in France (news of which has been almost entirely censored by the MSM), protests that started in early 2016 and over the last year or so have reached historic proportions; and it’s not only France: over the last year there’s been large scale protests in countries all over the world. This is a small sample:

Army of tractors descends on Spanish city for mass protest

Canada hit by new rail and road barricades in wake of indigenous arrests

Algeria protests: One year since anti-gov’t rallies began

India Just Staged The Biggest Strike In History As 200 Million Workers Took To The Streets

Over 2 Million Protest Chile’s Pinochet-Era Pension System

Lebanon protesters pour back onto streets as night falls

Although there’s various issues that ignite each of these protests, what binds them together is that people all around the world have had enough of ‘austerity’ and neoliberalism. There were also a lot of large protests in China last year, against the shocking air pollution in many of the cities (and these protests in China can also be said to be against neoliberalism), and one of the biggest demonstrations was in the city of Wuhan.

The psychopaths who rule us must be shitting themselves when they see the plebs so discontented. It’s pitchfork time, folks! but not if the psychopaths can help it: cue the Frankenstein flu, which apparently started in Wuhan last December and has now spread all over the world. Many people think that the coronavirus is a fake pandemic, and I’m inclined to agree with that view. All you have to look at is the total coronavirus hysteria being pumped out by the presstitutes, and look at the lock-down of huge numbers of people and enforced quarantine. There’s never been anything like this before with previous flu scares, and particularly since coronavirus has only killed a tiny fraction of people when compared to normal seasonal flu, and as with seasonal flu, coronavirus only badly effects the old and those with vulnerable medical conditions. It’s not only the presstitutes who are in hype overdrive, it’s also the big social media companies. I’ve never done a search on YouTube for ‘coronavirus’, or looked at many videos about it, yet on the YouTube landing page this is what gets pushed to me as ‘breaking news’ (it’s French language because I live in France, which incidentally reported the first cases of coronavirus in Europe)…

In the last week or so the presstitutes have been muttering that coronavirus might cause another global financial crash; but anyone who takes an interest in these matters knows that for a number of years now we’ve been due for another mega financial crash. This seems to be a chicken and egg scenario: will the coronavirus cause the economic crash? or has coronavirus been engineered to mask the economic crash and keep the angry plebs under control with enforced lock-downs and quarantine?

As I type this on a Friday afternoon, the end of the working week, stock markets worldwide are collapsing at the fastest rate in history. Some people think that coronavirus is a scam, that the psychopaths will make huge sums of money out of a crashing stock market, and then next week or whenever the World Health Organisation (which is as corrupt as hell) will announce that the crisis is over and the markets will go back to business as usual.

Whatever the truth behind it all, over the coming days and weeks you might have to hold onto your hat.

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A Potpourri – Rigged UK Elections and Driving Tests in California

Further to my post about the rigged UK general election last December, if interested you can find really good further information about it all here.

So, how do I go from a rigged general election to driving tests in California..? Hmm, I suppose I could refer to a recent broadcast of Jonesy’s Jukebox, which featured Midge Ure, who amongst other things talked with Steve Jones about taking a driving test in California. It’s a fascinating 30 minute broadcast that I’ll include at the end of this post. Before I get onto that let me briefly relay my own experience of taking a driving test in California, which is now three decades ago:

Back in 1988, my older sister Sue, my cousin Andrew and myself found ourselves living in San Francisco. Our home on the corner of Taraval Street, in the west of San Francisco, was one of three 1st floor apartments above a computer games shop. Taraval is a main shopping street; steep, with two sets of tram lines that run down the gradient in a series of roller coaster humps that are a common feature of San Francisco. From our apartment the roller coaster ran west for ten blocks until it levelled out and ended at Ocean Beach, which is pounded by the Pacific waves (most times it’s too cold/dangerous to swim there). Six blocks to the south of us was San Francisco Zoo and Lake Merced, a lake formed by the San Andreas fault line. To the north lay the Golden Gate Park, and to the east was Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights, the mountainous area that almost cuts San Francisco in half, separating the mostly residential districts of the city from the downtown area. Our district was called Sunset; a very apt name, because when the fog was not obscuring the view the sunsets over the Pacific could be spectacular.

We were only a stone’s throw away from the San Andreas fault line and the experts had predicted a big earthquake for that very summer (as it turned out, the big earthquake struck San Francisco the following year, 1989). We often thought an earthquake was about to happen, but in a matter of seconds the trembling began to die away. It was only a tram car passing down Taraval Street on its way to Ocean Beach. When the trams went by, which they did frequently, and that gentle rumble started, we were never quite sure that it wasn’t the start of the ‘big one’. Things were definitely stirring below our feet. There had already been some mild earthquake tremors since our arrival in San Francisco.

During all this I thought it would be fun to take a driving test in California. We had an old beat-up Japanese coupe which was costing us a lot to insure, because all we had were UK driving licences. So, I arrived at the driving test center in downtown San Fran, in an old beat-up car that probably wouldn’t pass any safety tests in Europe. A big black guy with a clipboard got in the passenger seat beside me. He loved my English accent. I drove the car around two blocks in downtown San Fran, before pulling up again outside the test center. “You’ve got it, man”, said my adjudicator, and shortly after I was issued with a California driving license that I still hold to this day.

Back to Midge Ure on Jonesy’s Jukebox. Steve Jones was the lead guitarist in the Sex Pistols, and despite having very little musical experience he was quite good at it. The Sex Pistols only ever made one studio album, called Never Mind the Bollocks, released in 1977. The rest, as they say, is history. After various projects, in 2004 Steve Jones began hosting a programme on a Los Angeles radio station, called Jonesy’s Jukebox. He’s been going ever since on various LA radio stations, and the list of guests is stellar. I should also add that recently Steve Jones, now well into his 60s, has had serious heart problems, but he continues to broadcast.

So, with regard to rigged elections, and all the rest of it, I would venture that there’s been a corporate coup d’etat over the last forty years. None of what Steve Jones and Midge Ure did all those decades ago would be allowed today. The western world is now in a very tightly controlled corporate clampdown. There’s no longer any real art, or any real thought, or any real political expression. Listen to this very entertaining and informative recent talk between Midge Ure and Steve Jones and see what you think…

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Gilets Jaunes Acte 64

I’ve been quiet on this blog for the last month. All I can say is that the world is now such a crazy place that sometimes you need a break from it in order to retain your own sanity… but let’s get back in the saddle, and of course what’s going on in France:

Sixty four consecutive weeks of major protest by the gilets jaunes (yellow vests); plus we’ve just had a six week general strike; the longest in French history; but still the Macron government stays limpet-like in power. I would venture that this shows that the corporate coup d’etat over the last four decades is now just about complete. I’ll save my rant about it all for another time. Instead, here’s some clips of what’s been going on in France today, Saturday 1st February. These are all short clips – mobile phone footage – just to give you a flavour of what’s been happening today. I’ll start with Paris…

Rouen (lacrymogène means ‘tear gas’. You will see it mentioned a lot in these video clips)…
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