Died Suddenly

This recently released documentary, called Died Suddenly, is very grizzly in places (be warned). At just over an hour long, it’s basically a combination of clips that many of us would have seen over the last year or so. It’s good to put it all in one place in this documentary, which will no doubt be banned everywhere…

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All things Albania

Those in the UK will know that there’s been much in the news recently about Albanian immigrants flooding into the country. Albania was one of a few countries in the old communist eastern Europe that I never traveled to. Hence I don’t know much about it. So I thought I’d do a bit of research and came up with the following presentation. The guy giving the presentation is Albanian and quite soft spoken. It’s from 2018. I knew much of the stuff about former Yugoslavia, yet was surprised when it came to neighbouring Albania (the role that former UK PM Tony Blair took in this is quite astounding)…

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Putin ushers in Multipolar World, ‘we are standing on a historic frontier.’ Historic Q & A

I put this here as a counter to the tidal wave of war propaganda coming from the West. Earlier this week President Putin took part in the annual Valdai International Discussion Club. Putin spoke for an hour, and then afterwards did more than 4 hours of Q & A with journalists from all over the world (you can find the full transcript of his speech here).

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Funeral Directors Unite to Expose the Excess Deaths

This one runs to nearly 2 hours, yet it’s well worth a listen…

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Why Did The NHS Betray Us?

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Us and Them

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Merde A La Puissance Treize

In Honour of the Coronation of King Charles III (I’ll give some brief notes below)…

Merde A La Puissance Treize

White worms drop down from pussy’s arse
to join the heaving, cack caked floor.
The flies and mites sup rooster cum
and dance around where rubbers score
fecal byways. By the barn door
a hen sits on her rotting brood;
all maggoty, the sulphurs pour
into the heat where pigs once queued
for lies and pain and carrion food.
God’s animals don’t mind the smell
and defecate right where they sit;
yet barnyard creatures know quite well
that humans, too, are full of shit.

A 13 line sort-of-sonnet. ‘Merde A La Puissance Treize’ translates as ‘shit to the 13th power’. The French abbreviate it as ‘malpt’, and you say malpt to someone by way of wishing them good luck. It’s a bit like the way thesps say ‘break a leg’ by way of wishing someone good luck.

See, it’s all very respectful (Ha!).

ps. oh, and I could add that Westminster Hall, and a large part of Windsor Castle, including St George’s chapel, were all built by a French King. 1066, and all that.

You’ve got to laff…

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Gawd Bless Yer Maam

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Boris and Biden – Lunacy and Corruption

President Biden gave a speech this week. Bizaare is not the word, not least the satanic-looking stage set and Joe Biden speaking very fast and coherently. There’s a 40 second clip of it at the start of this bulletin by Alex Christoforou…

After talking about Biden’s speech, Alex then goes into the role that Boris Johnson has played in the Ukraine war (not good).

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Matt Le Tissier talking about vaccine deaths and injury in the sports world

For those who don’t know, Matt Le Tissier is a (now retired) famous football player in the UK. It’s rather depressing how few high profile people have the courage/integrity to speak out, as Le Tissier does in this recent David Vance podcast (interview starts 3 minutes into the video)…

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The Psychology Of Totalitarianism

I haven’t been around much on this blog just recently. This is a combination of being very busy with work, and also because the WordPress software that this blog is based upon has become so bloated that it’s no longer easy to use. I’m trying to find alternative blog software.

In the meantime…

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Naomi Wolf talking about the horror of vaccinations

This from the James Delingpole podcast…

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The French Presidential Election 2022 (or, you couldn’t make it up)

Next Sunday, 24th April, is the second and final round of the French Presidential election. The encumbent President Macron will go head to head with Marine Le Pen. Macron is the most hated President in French history. If he wins the election there’s a fair chance it’s been rigged. There’s a whole ball of wool surrounding this, which Gearóid Ó Colmáin dived into on tonight’s (20th April) Richie Allen Show. Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle. Both Gearóid Ó Colmáin and Richie Allen are experienced journalists, and they wouldn’t make accussations like this live on air, at the risk of being sued, unless they were very sure of their facts (juicy stuff starts at about 11 minutes in).

The clip runs to 50 minutes.

The complete Richie Allen Show, 20th April, can be found here.
Richie Allen’s web site can be found here.

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Scott Ritter Interviewed by Gerald Celente

Oh what a strange war, coming at exactly the right moment when the public were getting fed-up with the covid nonsense (does anyone still remember the Freedom Convoy in Canada?). In Ukraine the phone networks are still operating just about everywhere, and likewise internet connection. Despite this, over the last month we haven’t seen any genuine phone footage of a war that is supposed to be taking place. All we get is stock footage of bombed out buildings and shell craters, footage that could have been taken anywhere in the world. You don’t even see a sign or advertising hoarding in this footage that would indicate that it’s in Ukraine.

I know, I’m an old cynic. Here’s a recent good interview with Scott Ritter, who does believe that a real war is taking place. This is a very emotional and interesting interview…

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Beloe Zlato and the Five Year Plan

I came across this group quite recently. At first I thought they were part of the tidal wave of Ukrainian propaganda, but then realised that they are actually a Russian folk ensemble. Their name, Beloe Zlato, means ‘white gold’. They are one of those quirky groups that I’m irresistibly drawn to. Just about everything they do is set against an agricultural background. It’s all a bit Stalinist and Five Year Plan-ish. To give you a flavour, this first track is called Tractor Girl

Once you’ve done your 15 hour day on the tractor you then have to go and pick vegetables… Continue reading

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