In Memory of Shane MacGowan

There’s lots of things I could say here. But instead one of his life affirmative songs…

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Eva K Bartlett

WordPress (which this blog sits on) is now a piece of junk that I’m unable to salvage – like most things thesedays. I’m going to now start blogging directly on my domain.

In the meantime here’s Eva Bartlett on a recent Ahmad Malik podcast, talking about all things Palestine…

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Paul Craig Roberts on the 22nd Anniversary of 9/11

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David Icke, Again

My domain was registered in February 2000. That was a full year before 9/11. In the 20 years since then I had many successful web sites under my domain. My domain was taken out in early 2020. It’s a long story that I won’t go into here. Suffice to say that I had a large number of visitors and they took me out because of the coming covid nonsense.

With great difficulty I’ve managed to keep some of it going under my domain, including this blog.

I don’t get too wordy/opinionated on this blog thesedays, because I know that I can be wiped out again at any moment.

David Icke, on the otherhand, has much greater resources than me, and continues to speak out bluntly…

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So, what really happened in Hawaii?

Not what you’ve been told, obviously. You only have to look at the images to realise that something is not quite right here. For instance, there are scores of cars that are totally burnt, including melted engine blocks, yet the surrounding tarmac, and other surrounding structures and vegetation have no damage at all. This is totally impossible in a real wild fire. It’s reminiscent of what happened on 9/11.

There’s been loads of speculation about the Hawaii fires in the alt media, much of it very lengthy. I include here two 10 minute videos from ReallyGraceful that give a good, concise overview of it all…

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David Icke on the climate crisis hoax

I think this is the first time I’ve highlighted David Icke on this blog, because he is such a contentious character (lizard creatures and all that). However, this recent video by Icke nails the climate crisis hoax better than anyone else I’ve seen recently.

Note, this is a 30 minute video, and the first minute is a plug for his latest book…

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George Galloway is on a roll

This is MOATS (Mother Of All Talk Shows) Wednesday 9th August. Whatever you might think of Mr Galloway, just listen to the opening 20 minutes. I’ll embed the YouTube version. This might not last long on YouTube, in which case you can find it on Rumble here (Note: Rumble is banned in France and some other countries, in which case you will need the Tor Browser or a VPN to view Rumble)…

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Mark Devlin Talks About Manipulation In Pop Music

Mark Devlin has long been a contrarian. However, like a lot of people he’s gone into overdrive since all the covid nonsense started in 2020.

Here’s an interview that James Delingpole did with Mark Devlin last year…

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An Interview With Matt Le Tissier About Covid Et Al

I could go into a rant about this myself. However Matt Le Tissier does a good job of it in a recent interview conducted by Richard Vobes…

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Nora Forster RIP

Nora Forster died aged 80 in April after a ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. There’s a bit of a story behind this, because Nora was German and the heiress to a fortune. She got tangled-up with a scallywag called John Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten). They were married for 44 years, which is something in the show biz world. Lydon was there for her during her deteriorating condition and up until her death.

I did briefly meet Nora in a club in London in the early 1980s. She was a bit like my auntie Maureen (family members will know that I’m talking ‘eccentric’ here).

Last year John Lydon wrote a song for Nora called Hawaii. It was an echo of a favourite holiday they once had and was one of the few things that Nora could still remember, Lydon, who holds an Irish passport, entered the song into this year’s Irish candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest, hoping to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. He didn’t get far with that, A) because Hawaii is not a Eurovision type song, and B) because of all the Ukraine war bollocks; but never mind the bollocks.

Hawaii always makes me cry. The following is not the official version (you can find that here). It’s worth paying attention to the video…

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Funeral director John O’Looney talks with Gareth Icke

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Roger Waters Speaks out

Roger Waters has had a lot of controversy just lately (what’s new!). I won’t bang on about it. Instead I’ll let Waters speak for himself…

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In Memory of Rhisiart Gwilym

Sadly, my friend Rhis died last weekend. He was in his 80s and lived on a canal boat in Wales (the clue is in his name). A few weeks ago he went into hospital to have a stent put in. They also put in a pacemaker. By all accounts, Rhis recovered very well from these procedures (Rhis was a fit guy who ate healthily and still cycled). He then got a respiratory disease and suddenly died from a stroke. I won’t mention the hospital he was under, or the drugs they put him on.

Rhis was outspoken about many things, and we often had disagreements. Nethertheless, he was always a good friend, who I will really miss.

But don’t worry, Rhis, some of us cantankerous bastards will continue to speak out…

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Stunning Short History – of Why the World has Gone Mad!

Ivor Cummings has posted this on FuckYouTube just lately, although the video predates this. See what you make of it…

If FuckYouTube remove this video you can also find it here.

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A new monarch is crowned in Westminster Abbey

Feck, I thought I’d seen some stuff over the last 3 years, but what happened in Westminster Abbey today was beyond belief…

It’s a shame that Jimmy Savile wasn’t still alive to witness the coronation of his old friend…

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