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One of the craziest police pursuits I’ve ever seen

In Southern California, of course, a large RV that had been hijacked and was being pursued by the police. It’s a 50 minute video. Skip to about 3 minutes in to see the first crash. Skip to 14 minutes in … Continue reading

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So what are ‘Five Minute Cities’?

I have lots to say about this, because it’s all tied into what’s been happening over the last 3 years. In the meantime here’s a recent Jason Liosatis programme about Five Minute Cities…

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The No-Nato Protest

if you look at last Sunday’s No-Nato protest, it was banned by ‘the authorities’ on two previous occasions. On the third occasion, on Sunday, they had to hold it in a hall that was part of the Venezuelan Embassy in … Continue reading

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Sandi Adams talks Dystopia

Sandi Adams was a corporate insider, having worked for the likes of Google and Microsoft (where she met Bill Gates). She does a very good job of explaining the dystopia we are rapidly heading into, which stems from the Earth … Continue reading

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Blood on the Turntables – Malcolm McLaren vs John Lydon

To get away from all the doom and gloom at the moment here’s something a bit more lighthearted; well, not lighthearted if you had money in this. This documentary, Blood on the Turntables, keeps getting banned by YouTube. I’ve no … Continue reading

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George Galloway at the Oxford Union

George Galloway took part in a debate last week at the Oxford Union. Galloway was supposed to be debating against Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, and also to debate the head of the British Army. Both of them chickened out … Continue reading

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Tony Benn on The Media and the Political Process

This speech is from way back in 2006. It’s at an NUJ meeting in Bristol (Benn was an MP in Bristol). Whatever your political stripe, and whatever you think about Tony Benn, this guy really knew how the world works. … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Zelensky But Was Afraid To Ask

This is a recent Mint Press News podcast, featuring Max Blumenthal. As usual I don’t agree with everything said here. I post it because most of what’s said is true, and it’s an important counter to the tidal wave of … Continue reading

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Richie Allen Show – Andrew Brigen Statement

The following is a 20 minute excerpt from the Richie Allen Show on Wednesday 14th December. Allen is presenting clips from a speech that Andrew Brigen gave in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening. Brigen is the Conservative MP … Continue reading

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Died Suddenly

This recently released documentary, called Died Suddenly, is very grizzly in places (be warned). At just over an hour long, it’s basically a combination of clips that many of us would have seen over the last year or so. It’s … Continue reading

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All things Albania

Those in the UK will know that there’s been much in the news recently about Albanian immigrants flooding into the country. Albania was one of a few countries in the old communist eastern Europe that I never traveled to. Hence … Continue reading

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Putin ushers in Multipolar World, ‘we are standing on a historic frontier.’ Historic Q & A

I put this here as a counter to the tidal wave of war propaganda coming from the West. Earlier this week President Putin took part in the annual Valdai International Discussion Club. Putin spoke for an hour, and then afterwards … Continue reading

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Funeral Directors Unite to Expose the Excess Deaths

This one runs to nearly 2 hours, yet it’s well worth a listen…

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Why Did The NHS Betray Us?

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Us and Them

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