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Blood on the Turntables – Malcolm McLaren vs John Lydon

To get away from all the doom and gloom at the moment here’s something a bit more lighthearted; well, not lighthearted if you had money in this. This documentary, Blood on the Turntables, keeps getting banned by YouTube. I’ve no … Continue reading

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George Galloway at the Oxford Union

George Galloway took part in a debate last week at the Oxford Union. Galloway was supposed to be debating against Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, and also to debate the head of the British Army. Both of them chickened out … Continue reading

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Tony Benn on The Media and the Political Process

This speech is from way back in 2006. It’s at an NUJ meeting in Bristol (Benn was an MP in Bristol). Whatever your political stripe, and whatever you think about Tony Benn, this guy really knew how the world works. … Continue reading

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