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Claire Daly – Ukraine War

Claire Daly is an Irish MEP and one of the last socialist voices in the EU Parliament. Here’s some clips of what she has said in the last week. This is taken from Tony Gosling’s NotBCFM Politics show. The full … Continue reading

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What’s it all about, Alfie

Richard Vobes’ YouTube channel has gone through the roof since he started to get into ‘conspiracy theories’. This vid, Are you programmed to obey?, is an hour long, yet well worth a watch… Richard Vobes was banned from YouTube … Continue reading

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Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey

This one half killed me, quite literally: Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey. It’s covered in my fourth memoir, The Iberian Job. Here’s the book blurb… The Iberian Job, a mad business scheme designed by Rob Godfrey to get … Continue reading

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Renovations in France

As an independent voice on the internet it’s gets harder and harder to keep on publishing, because of ever increasing draconian restrictions. Everything used to sit under my domain, which was taken out in February 2020, almost exactly one … Continue reading

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It’s all rapidly collapsing

… and it’s coming to a bank near you sometime soon. The Dollar is now in total collapse. The Trump nonsense is designed to be a distraction from this. I don’t usually take much notice of financial gurus online, because … Continue reading

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