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In Memory of Rhisiart Gwilym

Sadly, my friend Rhis died last weekend. He was in his 80s and lived on a canal boat in Wales (the clue is in his name). A few weeks ago he went into hospital to have a stent put in. … Continue reading

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Stunning Short History – of Why the World has Gone Mad!

Ivor Cummings has posted this on FuckYouTube just lately, although the video predates this. See what you make of it… If FuckYouTube remove this video you can also find it here.

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A new monarch is crowned in Westminster Abbey

Feck, I thought I’d seen some stuff over the last 3 years, but what happened in Westminster Abbey today was beyond belief… It’s a shame that Jimmy Savile wasn’t still alive to witness the coronation of his old friend…

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One week of Labour NHS bullshit!

I don’t need to say that I’m an old lefty, not that this has any relevance thesedays. A 20 minute clip from the Not the Andrew Marr Show which is one of the few remaining genuine lefty channels on FuckYouTube…

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Is it even legal? – More about common law

Richard Vobes has done a lot recently about common law/natural law. Personally I’m a bit sceptical about it. I can’t think of one court case that’s ever been successfully won using common law. Being sceptical again, I would say this … Continue reading

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