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David Icke, Again

My domain was registered in February 2000. That was a full year before 9/11. In the 20 years since then I had many successful web sites under my domain. My domain was taken out in early 2020. … Continue reading

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So, what really happened in Hawaii?

Not what you’ve been told, obviously. You only have to look at the images to realise that something is not quite right here. For instance, there are scores of cars that are totally burnt, including melted engine blocks, yet the … Continue reading

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David Icke on the climate crisis hoax

I think this is the first time I’ve highlighted David Icke on this blog, because he is such a contentious character (lizard creatures and all that). However, this recent video by Icke nails the climate crisis hoax better than anyone … Continue reading

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George Galloway is on a roll

This is MOATS (Mother Of All Talk Shows) Wednesday 9th August. Whatever you might think of Mr Galloway, just listen to the opening 20 minutes. I’ll embed the YouTube version. This might not last long on YouTube, in which case … Continue reading

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Mark Devlin Talks About Manipulation In Pop Music

Mark Devlin has long been a contrarian. However, like a lot of people he’s gone into overdrive since all the covid nonsense started in 2020. Here’s an interview that James Delingpole did with Mark Devlin last year…

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