The nightmare begins

They have a saying in Chicago, Mr Bond. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action

There’s been all kinds of rumours and misinformation flying around the internet about FEMA ‘detention camps’ (FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency). In actual fact the US Government has recently invited companies to submit tenders to build and maintain what it calls National Responder Support Camps (RSC).

The tender document I’m quoting in this post comes from National Responder Support Camp, Solicitation Number: HSFEHQ-10-R-0027, Department of Homeland Security. If you scroll down on the link you will find ‘Solicitation Request for Proposal’. After each quote I show the ‘Solicitation Request for Proposal’ page number in brackets. This is part of the tender document preamble…

Pursuant to the Robert T. Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is authorized to provide individual and public assistance under Presidential declarations of a disaster and emergency. Under the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act, FEMA is responsible for developing an efficient logistics system for procurement and delivery of goods and services necessary for an effective and timely response to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters.  In addition, the Homeland Security Act authorizes FEMA to help ensure the effectiveness of emergency response providers in responding to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster. Types of disasters and emergencies that could happen across the United States are, but not limited to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, acts of terrorism, tsunamis, or avalanches… 

… The contractor shall construct and operate a Responder Support Camp (RSC) in which to stage responders and other authorized personnel and assets deployed for occurrences or events requiring a federal government response. (pg 12)

Just about all governments plan for disasters; there’s nothing unusual about it. What might be unusual about the US disaster plan is the sheer scale of it and the way it will be enacted. Every state in mainland America, with the exception of Alaska, will have between 3 and 15 Responder Support Camps (RSC). Upon being given the go-ahead by the Government, these RSC will have to be built from scratch within 72 hours. Each RSC will have to house between 300 and 2000 occupants. Across 48 states, with 3 to 15 camps per state, this means that the US Government could be planning to accomodate up to 1,440,000 occupants in these camps.

The Contractor shall be capable of establishing and maintaining a RSC within disaster-impacted areas within 72 hours of task order award. The RSC task order will specify the initial RSC capacity, but the scope will be no less than 301 RSC occupants and no more than 2,000 RSC occupants. (pg 13)

Furthermore, these Responder Support Camps are going to be secure (at the time of writing, 83 companies have put in tenders to build these camps – see here).

The Contractor shall provide fencing and barricades around the perimeter of the RSC as set forth in the task order. The contractor shall also provide fencing and barricades around areas which are “off limits” to occupants. (pg 17)

A lot of the language in the Solicitation Request for Proposal is obscure and often contradictory, particularly when it comes to the ‘occupants’ and the ‘personnel’ of these camps.

Additionally, the contractor shall have the capability for early phasing, if requested in the task order, to provide partial RSC support (sleeping, feeding, medical and sanitation) for 100 personnel 36 hours after task order award. The remaining RSC initial capacity must be ready for occupancy no later than 72 hours after task order award. (pg 13)

One would presume that the ‘personnel’ are the people who run the camp for the ‘occupants’. One hundred personnel does seem rather a lot for a camp that will house between 300 and 2000 occupants. Doing the number crunching, the US Government is going to need more than 200,000 ‘personnel’ for these camps. Now, by funny coincidence, just recently the US Government has been recruiting what it calls ‘Internment specialists’. This is part of the job description…

The National Guard internment/resettlement specialist is an essential member of the law enforcement team. This specialist is primarily responsible for the operations in a military confinement/correction facility or detention/internment facility. (see here)

‘Resettlement’ is not the best word they could have used (but oh, how short memories are). Which brings me on to enemy action. On New Year’s Eve, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorises the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens (you can find my rant about it here). Whatever spin you put on it, it seems to be a fact that the US Government is preparing to intern large numbers of their citizens without recourse to trial. Note the word preparing. It hasn’t started to happen yet. There’s still time, America.

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