Julian Assange gets his own chat show on Russia Today

Oh, the delicious irony! I’ve already made a post about the American media, and how it has almost entirely been taken over by a propaganda machine that would make Dr. Joseph Goebbels proud, and how foreign media are filling the news void in the USA (see here). Assange’s show premieres in March. Most of the American networks refuse to carry Al Jazeera. Will they now do the same with RT, aka Russia Today? (Americans can of course still watch both Al Jazeera and RT online). Assange’s chat show is being recorded at Ellingham Hall in Norfolk, where Assange has been under house arrest since December 2010 (unprecedented in English law, hence the appeal to the Supreme Court last month). To quote RT: The show, arguably the most anticipated news series of 2012, will feature ten “iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders” – people Assange can clearly identify with, being a rather controversial figure himself.

Let’s hope Assange manages to record his shows before a CIA hit squad get to him. I’m also ashamed that broadcasters like the BBC haven’t given Assange this kind of coverage, and it’s been left to the likes of PutinTube.

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