Julian Assange: The World Tomorrow, Russia Today

Yesterday, Julian Assange’s new programme, The World Tomorrow, showed an interview with Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hizbollah. It’s the first time in six years that Nasrallah has been interviewed on a major western news network. Whilst Assange did ask some interesting questions (such as: if you consider the USA to be an over-reaching superpower, isn’t God surely worse?) overall I found the interview to be rather flat. Almost without exception the mainstream western media have crucified Assange for the first of what will be twelve programmes in The World Tomorrow. Here’s some examples of the media reaction. Interestingly, the reader’s comments on these articles are mostly in support of Assange:

The Guardian: The World Tomorrow: Julian Assange proves a useful idiot

The Globe and Mail: Julian Assange Live, brought to you by the Kremlin

The New York Times: The Prisoner as Talk Show Host

You can find the first programme (and the following ones) of The World Tomorrow at: http://assange.rt.com/
I found Assange’s interview about the programme on Russia Today far more interesting than the first episode:

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