The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali

I know a lot of people dislike Julian Assange, and much of the press, in particular, are having a field day with the sexual assault allegations. When it comes to the stuff in Sweden, both parties agree that it was consensual sex and if you look into the details of the case it soon becomes apparent that the charges against Assange are very slight (you can find out what the actual charges are here, and you can find a good run through of events leading up to Assange’s arrest in the UK here).

When it comes to Assange himself he is a bit eccentric, and by all accounts he can be a very difficult person, but he is the frontman for Wikileaks, an organisation that has shone a light into the stygian world of governments and corporations. If you are against Assange than surely you are against freedom of information?

The latest episode of The World Tomorrow, Assange’s show on RT, features Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali. Assange looks a bit haggard in this episode, Chomsky seems to be a bit past it now and Ali was on his usual good form. One thing I like about The World Tomorrow is that it’s not highly polished television (Assange could never get a job as a tv interviewer) yet the conversations are very interesting. This episode is no exception:

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