The Keystone Kops go in search of al Qaeda in Libya

Only one person had the authority to order today’s bungled SAS mission in Libya, and that person is the UK Prime Minister David Cameron. What the hell was Cameron playing at?! Well, it’s quite obvious, really: the West is still totally paranoid about Islamists taking over these uprisings. The SAS/Keystone Kops went in search of al Qaeda and those sedative pills; which begs the question: who is madder, Cameron or Gaddafi?

Leaving aside the fact that this bungled SAS mission will be used by Gaddafi for propaganda purposes, and will help prolong the civil war in Libya (ie, more people will die because of it), what rankles most is the utterly patronising and condescending attitude the West has towards the Arabs, as though they are incapable of creating democratic and civil societies.

Watch this space, folks.

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