Keisers and Kunts and goats

I’m afraid I look upon Max Keiser in much the same way that I look upon Alex Jones (Keiser appears to be another shyster, who is mostly trying to persuade people to buy silver and gold as an insurance against the coming economic collapse – can you eat silver and gold?). However, I’m going to embed this recent episode of The Keiser Report because it’s so pertinent to recent events. The first 15 minutes of the programme deal with the NSA scandal. The final 15 minutes feature Mark McGowan, an artist who pushed a pig to Downing Street as a response to the privatisation of the National Health Service. McGowan is an authentic voice of the British people, and a voice you will never hear in the mainstream media. McGowan makes Keiser look pale by comparison, but I do wish McGowan had dispensed with the dark shades…

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