Woman Is (still) the Nigger of the World

The disgraceful scenes in Tahrir Square today, where Egyptian women gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day, and were abused and assaulted by Egyptian men (one of whom called out: “Go back to the kitchen, where you belong”), shows how backward the world still is with regard to civil society and equal rights (because the attitude to women is just as bad in the rest of the world).

Violence against women in Tahrir Square

Who causes all the murder and mayhem in this world..? Men, of course; silly little boys like Stalin and Hitler, and more lately Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Ali Khamene and Muammar Gaddafi. Immature little twats who think they’re ‘big men’ and don’t care (or understand) how much blood they spill. They should have all been put over Nanny’s knee and been given a good spanking, to prevent them from inflicting their ignorance/insanity on humanity.

When you look at history, and the rivers of blood, surely the world would be a better place if it were ruled by women?

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