Radioactive bananas

This month, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have started removing fuel rods from Fukushima reactor No.4 fuel pool. I’m not going to go into this too much, but I’ll just say that the No.4 fuel pool contains about 1500 fuel racks, and the rods inside them contain as much radiation as about 14,000 Hiroshima atom bombs (here). The world is holding its breath; or it would be if the mainstream media informed people about Fukushima and all things nuclear (just one commercial size nuclear reactor contains enough radioactive crap to wipe out all life on earth). Instead, here’s a speech give by Steven Starr at the Fukushima Symposium, held in New York earlier this year. Steven Starr is the Clinical Laboratory Science Program Director, University of Missouri, and also a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility. The sound quality in this 20 minute clip is not brilliant, particularly right at the start, but it’s worth watching because Starr explains the subject very well, especially the radioactive banana stuff that the nuke astro turfers always come out with…

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