Happy in Hong Kong, Siberia and Tunisia!

In a previous post I was talking about the worldwide phenomenon that’s originated from a song called ‘Happy’, which was released by Pharrell Williams last November, and in particular how it has really caught on in France (here). France is still leading the charge (there are now 12 ‘Happy’ videos from Paris alone). There’s also an extraordinary number from Poland and Tunisia. Still lacking from the Happy brigade are mainland China and India, which have most of the world’s population (expect a Happy video to be smuggled out of China sometime soon). There’s even a website up now, http://www.wearehappyfrom.com/, which documents all these Happy videos. Most of them come from places in the northern hemisphere, and of course it’s winter at the moment in the northern hemisphere; not the best time to be out on the streets, clapping and singing, but that hasn’t stopped people.

For the moment I’ll leave it to the social historians to figure out what’s going on here (I’ll open my bigmouth on it later). In the meantime here’s Hong Kong, Siberia and Tunisia…

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