Corium and Corruption

The continuing horror story that is Fukushima continues to be largely ignored by the mainstream media. After all, three reactor cores in complete meltdown, spewing radiation into the environment 24/7, is not much of a story, is it. A large part of the problem, when it comes to reporting what’s actually occurring at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, is that just about the only information we get comes from the Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), and both of these entities are widely acknowledged to be corrupt and incompetent (it should also be noted that the American government has played a large part in this corruption as well). What is known is that the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, are heavily involved in recruiting the workforce for the Fukushima clean-up, and they are employing destitute and mentally ill people, and some folks in Japan are saying that many hundreds of these workers have died from radiation exposure. Earlier this month there was a conference in Frankfurt called ‘Effects of Nuclear Disasters on Natural Environment and Human Health’, co-organized by the German chapter of the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and the Protestant Church. One of the speakers was Mako Oshidori, a Japanese comedienne and a freelance journalist. What Oshidori said at the conference gave the world a small glimpse into the horrors that are going on in Japan. You can find a transcript of her speech here.

Ever since the Japanese government passed a state secrecy law last December (here), reports about Fukushima have become muted. This has been particularly noticable with social media in Japan, which has gone largely silent on all things Fukushima. However, despite the fact that Japan is rapidly sliding into a fascist lunatic asylum, some brave bloggers are still trying to let the world know what’s going on. These blog posts corroborate what Mako Oshidori says about hundreds of Fukushima workers dying. Some of the western media have reported the stuff about working conditions at Fukushima, and the mafia connection, yet none of them say that workers have died. You can find a recent example from the New York Times here. If you read this NYT piece you’ll notice that amongst other things it says: “At the same time, the company is pouring its resources into another plant, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, that it hopes to restart this year as part of the government’s push to return to nuclear energy three years after the world’s second-worst nuclear disaster”. See, they are still saying that Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl, despite the fact that the No.4 reactor at Chernobyl was one third of the size of each of the three reactors that have melted down at Fukushima, plus at Fukushima there were fires in at least three spent fuel pools. Fukushima is without a doubt the worst industrial accident in history, and it’s being managed by incredibly greedy, stupid and corrupt people, who should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. This extends beyond Japan to governments of the US and UK, both of whom have announced that they are going to build more nuclear power stations, at huge cost to the tax payer, because the business world won’t touch nuclear power because it runs at a loss. It’s all about creating lethal isotopes for their idiotic weapons of mass destruction. Boys and their toys, ay, although sooner or later the lot of ’em will be locked-up in a lunatic asylum, which is where they belong.

To give some idea of the corruption and incompetence that’s going on in Japan at the moment, here’s a short clip from a conference held earlier this year in New York City. It was called ‘Follow up on Fukushima Crisis’ and the speaker is Rachel Clark…

You can find Rachel’s complete talk here. It’s well worth a listen. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics..? You’ve got to be kidding! A more likely event in 2020 is that the present leaders of Japan will be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

This next clip is from a recent Flashpoints programme, on KPFA Pacifica Radio (you can find the full programme here). In this clip they actually talk about Fukushima workers who are dying. In the second half they talk about the USS Reagan sailors, who are also dying (you can find my post about the USS Reagan here). KPFA Pacifica is a community radio station, in California (it actually has an interesting history – here). You won’t hear this kind of stuff from the mainstream media, because the mainstream media are controlled by the very same people who make bucketloads of tax payer subsidised money out of nuclear energy.

This final clip is from a meeting last June, between Fukushima farmers and the Japanese Government/TEPCO, and once again gives some idea of the corruption and incompetence when it comes to all things Fukushima. The farmers shown in this clip know their stuff and can see through the lies and deceit…

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