A turning point in the Libyan revolution

While the world watches a disaster movie unfold in Japan there have been some astonishing events in Libya today. Al Jazeera has reported on its Libya Live Blog that: “Anti-government activists said that rebels commanding fighter jets have destroyed two of Gaddafi’s warships off the northeast coast of Ajdabiya… A number of army generals and soldiers, particularly in the Libyan Air Force, have defected to join the rebels and have an arsenal of weapons and fighter jets at their disposal”.

Here’s the latest from Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Benghazi…

At the time of writing, none of this has yet been picked up by the western media. If these reports are true, that the rebels now have air power, and a large number of Gaddafi’s crack troops have defected, this could well be the turning point in the Libyan revolution.

Nice to have some good news for a change.

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