The World Hate Organisation

Many people perceive the United Nations to be some kind of noble and august organisation. The reality is somewhat different. In fact, the UN is more like a talking shop for a bunch of spivs and gangsters (aka our glorious leaders). Nowhere is this more apparent than with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Alison Katz is a sociologist and psychologist who worked for the WHO for 18 years, and has an intimate knowledge of the corruption and outright criminality that goes on. Katz is a leading player in IndependentWHO, a grassroots movement that aims not to reform the World Health Organisation, but to replace it entirely. Katz was recently interviewed by Libbe HaLevy on the Nuclear Hotseat podcast. I know a little bit about all this IAEA and WHO stuff, yet I was surprised by some of the things Katz says; and it’s not conjecture: she backs-up everything she says with facts. The programme is an hour long but well worth a listen (you can find the original podcast here)…

Outtakes from the above interview, containing even more information, can be found here.

An earlier post about the UN nuclear cover-up can be found here. Search this blog for Fukushima Daiichi for all posts on this subject.

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