Paedos and Perverted Justice

In the immediate aftermath of Jimmy Savile’s death, I don’t think too many people were surprised to learn that he was a prolific paedophile; after all, Savile was generally perceived to be ‘a bit weird’ and rumours had been flying around for decades (folks might have been shocked when it was later revealed that Savile was also a necrophiliac). However, when Rolf Harris was convicted and sentenced last week, to five years and 9 months in jail, I think many people were shocked. Harris, of course, is just one of a string of 1970s UK tv stars who have been arrested of late for ‘historic’ child sex abuse crimes. Some people believe that the likes of Harris are sacrificial lambs, to draw attention away from much more powerful people, because of course there’s also been rumours flying around for decades about a paedophile ring at the heart of the British establishment.

This brings me onto Ben Fellows, a former child actor who claims that during the 1990s he was molested by a very high ranking member of the John Major government (later in this post I’ll get on to a high ranking member of the Thatcher government who is an alleged paedophile). Now, for the usual legal reasons I’m not going to name names in this blog. However, every link I give in this post does show the high level people involved in this alleged child abuse. Some people doubt the veracity of Ben Fellows (here), yet interestingly the person he’s making these serious allegations against has not sued him for libel, despite the fact that these allegations are now widely discussed by the alternative media. Also, in his statements, Ben Fellows does name Elm Guest House, which was a brothel in south west London where the clients were supplied with children:

Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List (scroll down the page to see the list)

In recent decades the mainstream media have shied away from covering Elm Guest House and paedophile rings (a D-Notice, perhaps?), despite it now being widely discussed by the alternative media, such as this recent piece, which states that these high level paedophile rings are being massively covered-up and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be exposed. However, there are still people in Westminster with some integrity, and almost 150 MPs have now signed a letter, coordinated by the Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, urging Theresa May, the home secretary, to set up a Hillsborough-style panel to investigate historical child abuse allegations. Here is the text of the letter:

We are writing to ask you to set up a full, properly resourced investigation into the failure of the Police to follow the evidence in a number of historical cases of child sexual abuse.

We would ask you to set up an independent panel, similar to the Inquiry you established into the Hillsborough tragedy, with powers to demand the release of all and any material from every agency involved.

We would like such a panel to work with the many victims of child sexual abuse from local authority care, the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and schools, including public schools, to uncover the facts in cases including the following:

a. Operation Fernbridge – Richmond: Elm Guest House and Grafton Close Children’s Home, Norbiton, Weybridge & Petersham

b. Operation Orchid – Hackney and Islington

c. The Geoffrey Dickens’ dossiers – and Monkton Street Home for Mentally Handicapped Children, Lambeth

d. Sir Cyril Smith – Rochdale, including Knowl View Special School

e. HM Customs & Excise – Russell Tricker videos

f. Trafficking involving British businessmen in Amsterdam

g. Warwick Spinks – Amsterdam & Prague

h. “Jane” alleged rape by a man who went on to become a Cabinet minister

We would ask that the panel examines:

i. why detailed dossiers – such as the documents submitted to the Home Office by the late Geoffrey Dickens – have disappeared

ii. why Police surveillance videos – said to be of prominent people who have been involved in paedophile rings – have gone missing

iii. why child pornography videos seized by HM Customs & Excise have been lost or destroyed

iv. why investigations appear repeatedly to have been stalled or abandoned over the last thirty years


The above letter seems to be what prompted Theresa May to stand up in Parliament last Monday and announce a wide ranging enquiry into child sex abuse (here). This enquiry will be an attempted whitewash, of course, but the letter from an unprecedented number of MPs, demanding action, has set the ball rolling on what will be the biggest political scandal in British history. If there are mainstream journalists who have the guts to defy their corporate masters, and the establishment, and actually do some real reporting, this scandal will bring down the present government, many of whom are involved in the cover-up.

Some of the items listed in the above letter involve that very high ranking member of the Thatcher government, whom I mentioned at the start of this post. Amongst other things, it’s alleged that this person went to Holland and appeared in porn films with children. While these porn films were being brought back to the UK they were seized by HM Customs and this person was identified as being in them. The police never took any action, and the films have apparently ‘disapeared’. Remember Rolf Harris, and how shocked many people were to discover how evil he really was behind the public exterior. Likewise, with the alternate reality that the UK mainstream media spoon-feed us (the lack of reporting about last year’s Snowden revelations being a case in point), when the actual reality is totally sick and stygian and corrupt.

This next link is to a video interview that names this other high ranking politician, who is now a Lord. I guess many folks will find it hard to listen to (the latter part contains vivid descriptions of an infamous child snuff movie). The interview is between the filmmaker Bill Maloney and fellow anti-child abuse campaigner Chris Fay (Fay is a former Child Protection Officer who appears in the final video in this post)…

Update. Bill Maloney & Chris Fay (30 minute video)

The above interview opens with a recent clip of Bill Maloney haranguing Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister, about institutional child abuse. Nick Clegg used to work for the high ranking official talked about in the interview (this official launched Clegg’s career – here); you know, the one who allegedly made porn movies with young boys, and who is also an old friend of Nick Clegg’s father.

Then we get back to Ben Fellows, who claims that he was molested by a very high ranking member of the John Major government, and the act was captured secretely on camera by a programme called the Cook Report, which was produced by Central Television, who were bought out by a company called Carlton Communications. At the time, David Cameron, the present UK Prime Minister, was working for Carlton Communications, and, according to Ben Fellows, Cameron was involved in destroying the tapes showing Fellows’ molestation (here).

A few years back, David Cameron was famously confronted on live television, on ITV’s This Morning. The presenter, Philip Schofield, bluntly asked Cameron what he was going to do about institutional paedophilia, and pulled out a list of high profile sex offenders (the same list you can find a link to further up this post). It was obvious that Cameron didn’t know this question was coming and he blathers on about all the enquiries that had been set up. The enquiry announced by Theresa May this week is, essentially, an enquiry into all these earlier enquiries. In Whitehall, if you want to bury something you call an enquiry, whereas if you really want to get to the bottom of things you get an outside police force in, not the MET (notice that the video below is from DailyMotion, because it’s now just about impossible to find this clip on YouTube)…

Philip Schofield This Morning David Cameron… par ted-savage

Bear in mind that the high ranking official in the Thatcher government, who allegedly made porn movies with young boys, is probably widely known about in a gossip shop like Westminster, and it seems inconceivable that Cameron wouldn’t have heard the rumours. Also, compare what Cameron says in the above video about “going to the police” to Ben Fellow’s recent experience (remember, when Fellows first went to the police his claims had not yet been investigated), and to this next clip, which is about Chris Fay, a former Child Protection Officer who appeared in a video further up this post…

I’ve honed in on the Conservatives here because institutional child abuse was rife in the 1980s, and Margaret Thatcher is an ideologue for many politicians, and there’s no way that Thatcher couldn’t have known that some of her colleagues were sexually abusing young children (as an aside, Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s private secretary, was a paedophile; and we all know about her close friendship with Jimmy Savile). However, by way of balance this story broke earlier this year: Minister in Tony Blair’s government among group of men suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile. Thatcher knew about all this (here), and so must have many other politicians (including Tony Blair), which is why the NSPCC called this week for failure to report child abuse to be made a crime (here).

In this post I have tried to connect some of the dots in what is a very complex criminal conspiracy, a criminal conspiracy that involves some of the highest officials in the land. The British establishment is totally corrupt, perverted and deluded, and it has to go. This won’t happen via enquiries set-up by a home secretary and headed by a ‘reliable’ judge whose brother was the attorney general during the Thatcher years (here). This won’t happen by putting the spotlight on ‘historic’ child abuse, because paedophile rings don’t suddenly decide to stop abusing children and take up basket weaving instead. This is still going on: Westminster Paedophile Scandal: Current MPs Named ‘Again and Again’ in Calls to Sex Abuse Helpline. If The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) know about this, the police do as well.

Tomorrow, 1 million public-sector workers are expected to go out on strike, the largest strike in recent years (here). They are basically protesting against the vile regimes (Labour and Conservative) who have both ruined and robbed the country of everything that’s not nailed down.

It’s a start, but it won’t be enough to remove these scum from office.


Postscript: the link beneath the MPs letter shown in this post goes to Exaro News, which has been doing excellent work on the Westminster sex scandal. Yesterday, Saturday 12th July, they published this story:

Dolphin Square: MPs threw parties ‘for sexual abuse of children’

Today, Exaro News have made a number of Tweets about ‘difficulties’ they been having. Here’s one of them:

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