TEPCO crys while Tripoli trembles

As he left a press conference this afternoon, Akio Komori, Managing Director of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.), broke down in tears (see here).

Here’s part of what Akio Komori said at the press conference…

we would like to make our deep apologies for concern and nuisance
about the incident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the
leakage of radioactive substances to the people living in the surrounding
area of the power station, the people of Fukushima Prefecture, and the
people of society.

You can find the TEPCO press release here: and if you want to know a bit more about TEPCO, here’s a fairly good piece about them…

Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports

Meanwhile, Mad Dog Gaddafi is trying a last roll of the dice. Following last night’s UN Resolution 1973, which authorises not just a no-fly zone but also everything else needed to protect civilians, today the Gaddafi regime announced: “Libya has decided an immediate ceasefire and an immediate halt to all military operations”. The aim of this apparent ‘ceasefire’ was to wrong foot the countries now preparing to strike Libya and to buy time; time to allow Gaddafi’s forces to launch an all-out assault on rebel held towns and cities, hoping to crush the uprising before the UN Resolution could be put into effect. It won’t work, Mr Gaddafi: even from a padded cell there’s no way you can take Benghazi without a long and bloody battle.

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