Intrepid II Goes Forth

In a previous post I was talking about a YouTube user called BeautifulGirlByDana, real name Dana Durnford. Well, earlier this month, using 600 bucks of donations from his YouTube followers, Dana and his friend Terry spent nine days photographing the tidal zone on 16 beaches along the Sunshine Coast, the mainland and chain of islands that stretches for a hundred miles or so north of Vancouver, in western Canada. Although many of the photos are of poor quality they do appear to show that much of the tidal zone wildlife has disapeared. A few weeks back, Dana did a live stream presentation of it all called HORROR ” Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation “ (see my post The End Of The World Show). Following this presentation, loads more donations flowed in, as Dana announced that he’s going to mount an ‘Expedition for Life’, in which he and his friends will spend 60 days exploring the coast further, this time taking better quality photos, and also samples and geiger counter readings (the west coast of North America is directly downstream and downwind of Japan). Dana will be streaming it all on YouTube.

By far the biggest donor has been a guy called Geoff Palko, who describes himself as a ‘nutty artist’ and, like Dana, is an invalid. Palko has bought the boat for Dana’s expedition, which at a cost of 8000 bucks was a large act of generosity. He also keeps stepping up to fill in holes in the donations, so far to the tune of 12,000 bucks. Apparently, Palko is not that wealthy and has sunk his pension into Dana’s venture. Bear in mind that not only does this guy admit that he’s a bit of an eccentric, he’s also disabled…

The boat that Palko bought has been named Intrepid II by the Hounds of Fukushima who have also collectively donated a lot of money towards Dana’s expedition. Other individuals who have made donations are Geoff Palko’s fellow artists and anti-nuke activists, Thomas Ackermann and Kevin Blanch. Here’s the three of them at a recent ‘Salt of the Earth Summit’ at Geoff Palko’s Studio…

(the complete video can be found here)

Obviously, to mount a 60 day expedition, with not just a boat but all the associated expenses, is going to cost mega $$$ (about 1000 bucks a day, and about 30,000 bucks has been raised so far). In the hope of getting more donations, Dana has now put off the start of the expedition twice. He’s now saying that whatever the money situation it’s definitely going to get under way this coming weekend.

There’s been a lot of controversy generated with regard to what Dana is saying about the tidal zone, and he’s received a lot of hate mail and death threats (you can hear him talking about it in this excerpt from a recent radio interview). There’s also been much speculation about the large amount of donated money slopping around, and in the last few weeks certain people have come out and attacked Dana. One such is a young lady called Claire Stanhope, who seems to have recently set-up a YouTube channel to specifically steam into Dana. Here’s the start of one of the videos she’s posted…

(the complete video can be found here)

Claire Stanhope doesn’t seem to have any footprint on the internet; or at least, not one that I can find. However, you can find her in the comments section of my previous post about Dana.

One of the most vociferous of the anti-Dana brigade is a YouTube user who goes by the name of connectingdots (real name unknown), who has three different channels, all mirroring each other. Since Dana made his ‘death of the Pacific’ presentation, connectingdots has put out videos almost on a daily basis, claiming that it’s all a scam. Here’s the start of one of the most recent ones…

(the complete video can be found here)

Incidentally, both Claire Stanhope and the connectingdots video mention the Tidal Pool Project, started by a YouTube user called NibiruMagick2012, after he found out that he wouldn’t be able to join Dana’s expedition; and talking of Dana, here’s his response to all the attacks he’s been receiving…

Dana, et al, continues to be ‘you-couldn’t-make-it-up’ stuff. The alternative media have picked up on it (you can find part of Dana’s interview on the Rense Show here) but of course not the mainstream media, who, ostrich-like, now largely ignore the greatest disaster in human history. So, keeping with the surreal nature of it all, it seems appropriate to end this post with Kevin Blanch, who last week was on a beach in southern California (he’s there to cover the latest court hearing of the USS Reagan lawsuit)…

(the complete video can be found here)

You can find samples of Thomas Ackermann’s work here and Kevin Blanch’s work here.

For a further update on Dana’s ‘Expedition for Life’ see Assassins and Asylums.

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