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Over the last three months I haven’t been very active on this blog. This is not only due to the fact that I’ve been writing a book but also because I continue to have computer problems. This, of course, hasn’t stopped the world from getter madder and madder. One of the funniest/bizaare things of late was the North Korean hack on Sony Corp which by funny coincidence completely dominated the world news just as the Feinstein Report into CIA torture was released. This report heavily implicates the British security services. MI5 and MI6 have been totally out of control for a long time now (James Bond is fiction, you know); and talking of reports, the British government is still blocking the Chilcot report on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Tony Blair must be wetting himself.

Exaro News continues to be the only media organisation seriously investigating historical allegations of child sex abuse and murder within the British Establishment, although the rest of the media have put Prince Andrew in the spotlight just recently. If you want to know who some of the alleged child abusers are, you can find my post about it here.

Then there were the horrific murders in Paris yesterday. It’s provoked much talk about freedom of speech and how we in the West value our rights. In Britain, people don’t have any rights, and don’t seem to realise the horrendous, 1984-type laws that have been passed in recent years. If I tell a British person, for instance, that peaceful demonstration is now illegal, and habeas corpus has been thrown out the window, they’ll probably laugh at me, but it’s true (here). And there’s yet another gobsmacking law going through Parliament as I type this. It’s called the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill 2014. Amongst other things, this Bill will allow the authorities to take away a British person’s passport, to refuse a British person entry to the country and puts a statutory duty on colleges, schools, prisons, probation providers, police and councils to ‘prevent individuals being drawn into terrorism’ (here). All well and good you might say, if it prevents terrorism, but who decides which people are ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’, particularly with MI5 and MI6 now being so corrupt? The problem with all these laws that have been passed in recent years is that they can be so easily abused.

In the wake of the Paris murders the usual monkeys have jumped on the bandwagon to stir-up racial hatred. UKIP’s two main strands are unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and mass immigration forced on the UK by the EU. Well, all laws in the UK are given the final nod by the House of Lords, which is an unelected body (and which, by the way, still alledgedly contains some of the aforementioned child abusers), and the UK never signed-up to the Schengen Agreement and has complete control over its own borders. The reason, of course, that most politicians maintain the lie is because big business wants cheap labour. As I type this the NHS is actively recruiting nurses in Spain and Portugal. This is because British nurses are quitting in droves due to the crap pay and conditions. The Health and Social Care Act (2012) removed the government’s historical obligation to provide health care for its citizens and prepared the NHS for privatisation; ie, so that big business can make bucketloads of money out of it. This is all being done without the consent of the British public.

The immigration issue is shamelessly used by politicians of all stripes to deflect attention away from the economic crash, which was caused by a bunch of spivs and barrow boys in Wall Street and the City of London. These spivs and barrow boys have never been held to account for their crimes, because they own most of the politicians. Instead, the plebs get spoonfed ‘austerity’ and are told about the ‘recovery’. Britain and America are both completely bankrupt. They now owe so much debt that it can never be paid back. The vermin at the top of the tree are stealing everything that’s not nailed down before the lie collapses.

This brief run-through of recent events hopefully gives some indication of just how totally rotten and corrupt the system has become. I’m aware that some readers will think I’m un-patriotic, or one of the looney left, or whatever. Don’t believe the illusion peddled to you by the mainstream media (and I wonder who owns the mainstream media?). I’m a true patriot. I don’t live in La La Land. I want to take my country back from the vermin.

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2 Responses to La La Land

  1. Clark says:

    Hello Rob, you disappeared in the middle of our discussion; I was disappointed, because I was putting quite some effort into that, and working out some things that hadn’t occurred to me before. Thanks for the links to the DU videos; I still haven’t finished watching them. I’ve posted an apology to you on that thread.

    All the Best

  2. glenn says:

    Shame you two appeared to disagree – I’d have thought both of you were discussing in good faith, but had perhaps underestimated each other. Fortunately, neither side appears to be given to over-anxious egos, so I am hopeful for a number of interesting discussions to come, without any rancour.

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