Vile regimes and the face they show to the rest of the world

Do the people who speak for scumbag regimes actually believe what they tell the outside world? Methinks not. The following Al Jazeera piece shows Reem Haddad, a spokeswoman for the Syrian Information Ministry, defending the fact that Syrian police shot dead 12 people yesterday during a peaceful/unarmed demonstration (so far, more than 40 people have been shot dead by security forces in Syria). Ms. Haddad spouts the usual stuff about ‘armed groups’ among the demonstraters who were a ‘threat to state security’, which of course was why the security forces had to use live ammo against an unarmed crowd. Tunisia and Egypt before liberation, and now Libya, Syria and all the other vile regimes trot out the same old stuff: small, armed groups of insurgents, backed by Islamic extremists, or the West, or Martians, are trying to destabilise the country and for purposes of ‘state security’ the police have to shoot people; and this of course is why there have been ’emergency laws’ in place for decades; and without the ‘state security apparatus’ there would be anarchy. blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, it’s not only enfants and idiots who believe all this rubbish. But let’s get on to what Ms. Haddad said…

I’m not sure if Reem Haddad – a spokeswoman for the Syrian Information Ministry – realises that one day she will be brought to justice for defending the massacre of civilians (for more of my posts about Reem Haddad see here).

Another example of a person who defends a vile regime/mass murder, and doesn’t seem to understand that they will be brought to justice, is Saif al-Islam, one of Gaddafi’s sons. Saif is always good for a laugh. If you watch his body language during interviews, and in particular the way he smiles after saying certain things, it’s fairly obvious he knows that what he’s saying is complete bullshit (much like Reem Haddad). The following is in an interview with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on March 1st…

Reem Haddad and Saif al-Islam appear to have at least some understanding of reality, and as such can stand in a criminal court for their crimes. Muammar Gaddafi, on the otherhand, is on a different planet and needs to be put in a padded cell. Here’s an interview that Gaddafi gave on 2nd March….

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