A fistful of freedom: money talks

Ever since the rigged election in Iran in June 2009, one method Iranians have used to protest against their government is to write images and slogans on banknotes (mostly on high denomination banknotes). The ‘Supreme Leader’ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (unelected, of course) is shown on all banknotes in Iran…

“In this country only the government has freedom of speech. Don’t believe anything you hear.”

“Down with Khamenei; he’s a murderer and an illegitimate leader; we Iranians didn’t vote for a monkey; green will overcome.”

Later in 2010 the Chinese also took up banknote protests against the regime in Beijing…

“Give me back my country. The sky condemns the CPC (Central Communist Party). I declare my withdrawal from the CPC. Old Liu. Beijing.”

And just recently the Syrians have started doing the same thing…

It’s a brilliant way to protest, because it’s almost impossible for a vile regime to find out who wrote the slogans, and of course paper money gets widely circulated and no one is going to destroy or throw away a banknote.

The Iranians are an ingenious lot!

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