Bahrain and Syria

Here’s the Bahrain Tourist Board’s present slogan…

Welcome to Bahrain
Bahrain: small is precious
Bahrain: small is beautiful

And here’s what’s going on in Bahrain right at this moment (warning: contains graphic scenes)…

All that rubbish about ‘moderate Gulf states’ is just that: rubbish. These countries are run by a bunch of thieving, murdering, gangsters whose time has come, just like Gaddafi. Talking of which, in Tripoli, which has had the most brutal crackdown of any uprising so far, residents have started pinning the Libyan flag of liberation on to cats, and even painting the cats in liberation colours (see here), which must be a bit worrying if you’re a cat.

Here’s a cat on a hot tin roof: Reem Haddad, a spokeswoman for the Syrian Information Ministry, who doesn’t seem to have much information…

Reem Haddad is always good for a laugh, and has an English accent (for more of my posts about Reem Haddad see here). The above interview mentions the infamous Hama massacre, which happened in 1982. About 20,000 people were butchered in the town of Hama, when the Syrian president Hafez al-Assad (father of the present Syrian president) ordered the army to quell a revolt by the Sunni Muslim community. This was the last time there was an uprising in Syria.

Some of what Reem Haddad says sounds quite plausible, but as she was saying it Al Jazeera were showing footage of protesters on the streets (and all those protesters are well aware of the Hama massacre and just what the Syrian authorities are capable of). Back in 1982 there wasn’t social media and 24 hour rolling news. Nowadays it’s a lot more difficult for vile regimes to hide the truth. It can be fun watching them try, though.

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  1. Ceren says:

    Obamugabe has unintentionally laid the grodouwnrk for massive failure by the muslim brotherhood. As the Ontario NDP learned to their cost, there is no more powerful inoculation of the ordinary citizens than to have them vote supposed real “know it alls” into power who promptly reveal themselves as incompetent political hacks and eccentric buffoons. Egypt has the additional interesting feature of massively subsidized grain imports from the USA used to make locally subsidized bread for the poverty stricken masses. A few grain ships unloading slightly behind schedule and any government there would be promptly overthrown.

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