Gawd, I haven’t said anything about Fukushima for almost a month!

Not intentionally; it’s just that there’s so much other major news happening at the moment (I haven’t known a year like this since 1989).

The nuclear crisis at Fukushima has now been going on for two months. Nothing is even remotely under control at the plant, and the amount of radiation that has thus far been released into the environment surely exceeds the Chernobyl disaster (which, depending on whom you believe, resulted in anywhere between 4,000 and 500,000 cancer deaths).

Reactor buildings 1, 2 and 3 are still so radioactive that humans cannot enter them, and the fuel pool of reactor No.4 appears to be in imminent danger of collapse. All four reactor buildings suffered explosions during the early days of the crisis: there is nothing to contain the radiation, which has been pouring into the environment for two months, and continues to do so.

Here’s a recent report from Russia Today…

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  1. chemfood says:

    news on Fukushima and other man-made nuclear disasters will not willingly be reported on by the M$M, so the People must gather

  2. chemfood says:

    My apologies for dropping part of the Reality Check address. Please to visit and share as much as you can

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