Gatekeepers and Propagandists

Any well-connected blogger who does not mention what’s going on in France at the moment is either a gatekeeper and/or a propagandist…

It’s really that simple.

Likewise, all bloggers who ban links back to me are also gatekeepers/propagandists.

The world is in a very terrible state at the moment.

Fuck the scum, let’s have some music…

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3 Responses to Gatekeepers and Propagandists

  1. freddy says:

    The Labour party said the claims had come from a single source and were “absurd and hallucinogenic”.

    members of the Labour party have been accused of collaborating with Communists ( in the Cold War)
    in communist Czechoslovakia

  2. freddy says:

    The Leader of The House of Commons, Andrea has left the government, just a few hours before the Euroelections.
    Surely this must mean the End of May.

    Congratulations to your Emperor Rob, it was a Battle Royal

    but Emmanuel Macron gets the biscuit

    he is still standing.

  3. freddy says:
    Theresa May announces resignation, sparking leadership race

    So Emmanuel Macron does indeed outlast Theresa may,
    well done Emmanuel,
    next step

    see how your party does in this weeks Euroelections?

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