The Great Britain Election Con

How anyone can believe the results of last week’s general election in the UK is beyond me.

Don’t you understand how corrupt it now all is?

The only way they could definitely get rid of Corbyn was with a Tory landslide; and what happened: a Tory landslide.

I’m going to outline the facts of this in great detail in a further post (and don’t even get me started about what’s going on in France at the moment).

In the meantime…

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11 Responses to The Great Britain Election Con

  1. teri says:

    They did exactly what George w Bush did in America, in 2000 and 2004. They had the media rail that exit polls showed bush won in 2000 and 2004 . The exit polls were of course all fake.
    The toreys did the same thing, late in the day of UK voting this time. They used exactly the same playbook.

    The difference is, that the republicans had slimey electronic voting everywhere after 911 and the patriot act in 2004.

    In 2000, in America they suppressed voting, blocked poll stations and sent army’s of lawyers across the country and mainly to Florida to rig the votes and contwst hanging chads to the laat minute ao that the election was taken to the supreme court.

    In 2004, with rigged electronic voting machines, they flipped votes, purged voting roles, had the media lie in unison about exit polls sayin Bush had won , kept people from voting in key states and essentially rigged the whole election. Thus we have Iraq and the the ongoing Afghanistan quagmires.

    In America the corporate criminal democrats are more than happy to share power, with fascistic, fake-antigolabist war mongers, like trump and its army of neoconservative war mongers. Trump is a fake antiglobalist by the way. He always manages to go to Davos, WTO meetings and all the other globalist-bankster racketeering meetings.
    Obama was a bankster stooge put their to make way for the New-New World Order, that has a decidedly fascist flavor

    Thus we have mutitrillion dollar nuclear weapons in space aimed, at us and a new insane nuclear arms race againat Russia and China, while the whole bloody country falls apart.

    We have Pelosi and Schumer pushing through an extension of the Patriot act, with the Republicans, so that our govt can continue mass surveillance on us through their multibillion dollar NSA facilities in Utah and Virginia.

    Bojo suppressed the vote. Bojo made voting inaccessible in important precincts, used a coordinated corporate media to slander Corbyn for 4 years and probably deliberately had votes changed in the more rotten burroughs. A chip off the old block. He is a supreme con-artist and liarnlike Trump.

    There is no democracy in the west. Why pretend anymore? I do not like what the the Chinese have done in Tibet, or their mass surveillance but they do not lie about it and pretend. There was a general mass strike of truckers in china a few years ago and the govt had to give in to their demands. In the Uk and USA there is pretend democracy. The banksters and neocons intitute coups everywhere. Ifbthere were any meaningful strikes or demonstrations in the USA or or UK they would call out troops and start shooting people and locking people up. We live in a world of extremendelusion and lies in the west. Bojo will not even pursue Brexit.
    This is the first thing he is doing since his fake landslide

    What Brexit? Tories’ first priority is to ban ‘anti-Semitic’ boycotts, envoy says

    Now as they take apart your NHS and turn your country into a dickensonian hell, much like America you can tell the morons that voted for the fascist that they deserve what they got, as he hands them their arse.

    Trump is completely deregulating everything here. Especially the old aging nuclear industry, with 96 old beat up reactor on the verge of melting down. He soes nothing about radioactive food from Japan. Bojo will do much the same. Lucky you are not in the UK

  2. Freddy says:

    Well, I disagree, I think Jo Swinson was a Nightmare on Elm Street for the LibDem party of numbskulls, she has shown them up to be antidemocratic, all the failure M.P.s from other parties, who flocked to her have burnt in the Sun, crashing to Earth – not one has survived. The ordinary people of the United Kingdom – no longer want gender politics or politics of sky fairies, they want Brexit, and they do not want delay by poisonous members of parliament.
    Last Thursday, will be seen as Freedom Day, freedom from Europe but also from virtue signalling, those days/views are yesterdays fish paper

  3. teri says:

    WTF . My friends in London will suffer. You make no sense. You are a fascist plant or a moron.

    • Freddy says:

      I suppose in your world a moron is somebody who thinks differently.
      I live in the same country in which seventeen and a half million people voted for BREXIT.
      It now seems after the 2016 Referendum and two General Elections, that we might finally be scraping back some Democracy.
      Democracy is the will of the Majority.

      • teri says:

        You are a fascist plant. Rigged elections are not democratic. GTH. There was no access to this blog, upto and after the election. Probably the same for many others too. The tories simply burned as many Labour ballots as they could. They showed that 16 million people did not vote. That is ridiculous, considering the turnout in Scotland. It was a completely rigged election. Like America and Australia.
        The Scots voted overwhelmingly labour because, the pigs could not rig the election there. Mark my word they attemp a coup in Scotland, if Scotland votes for independence.
        That is what the bankers and oligarchs have done, all over the world now. They have decided that fascism suits them best. They can afford army’s of intelligence agents and internet agents like Fascist Freddy, to consolidate their agendas.

        • Freddy says:

          You come across as somebody who has had very little few experiences, you claim not to live in the United Kingdom, yet think you know best how Democracy should operate in my country.
          Let me spell it out in easy language.
          The E.U. morphed into a creature many people were wary of.
          David Cameron tried to get them to moderate their head long rush for a Superstatedom, the E.U.Elite told him to do one, so Cameron called the 2016 Referendum, in this one and a third million more people voted to leave than voted to stay, this was the largest exercise in Democracy, ever undertaken in the U.K.
          The rest, even you must know.

  4. JOML says:

    Scottish people are not very different from their English neighbours. I know there’s the independence issue, but how could Scotland reject the Tories so comprehensively while England embrace them? Very odd.

  5. Freddy says:

    On a trip to Ivory Coast, Mr. Emmanuel Macron suggested the strikers should “observe a truce out of respect for families and family life”.

    Two weeks of strikes over planned pension reforms have caused widespread disruption across France.

    Train operator SNCF said services would be “severely disrupted” over Christmas.

    It seems utterly bizarre how Emmanuel Macron can hang on, most of his administration seems to be aimed against the people of France, is he so thick-skinned he can’t see it is time for him to slither off?

    The United Kingdom is settling down to a Happy Christmas, sure in the knowledge that we will soon be exiting the detestable E.U.

  6. JOML says:

    A break from reality… and the original!

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