Coronavirus Conspiracy

This week saw the start of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, which is taking place at Woolwich Magistrates Court in London. There’s been barely any coverage of this in the mainstream media, a court hearing that’s like something out of a 1930s Stalinist show trial; and talking of legal stuff, this week all the lawyers in France went on strike (there’s been fights between the lawyers and police – you can find video of it online)…

The lawyers are the latest to join a massive wave of protests in France (news of which has been almost entirely censored by the MSM), protests that started in early 2016 and over the last year or so have reached historic proportions; and it’s not only France: over the last year there’s been large scale protests in countries all over the world. This is a small sample:

Army of tractors descends on Spanish city for mass protest

Canada hit by new rail and road barricades in wake of indigenous arrests

Algeria protests: One year since anti-gov’t rallies began

India Just Staged The Biggest Strike In History As 200 Million Workers Took To The Streets

Over 2 Million Protest Chile’s Pinochet-Era Pension System

Lebanon protesters pour back onto streets as night falls

Although there’s various issues that ignite each of these protests, what binds them together is that people all around the world have had enough of ‘austerity’ and neoliberalism. There were also a lot of large protests in China last year, against the shocking air pollution in many of the cities (and these protests in China can also be said to be against neoliberalism), and one of the biggest demonstrations was in the city of Wuhan.

The psychopaths who rule us must be shitting themselves when they see the plebs so discontented. It’s pitchfork time, folks! but not if the psychopaths can help it: cue the Frankenstein flu, which apparently started in Wuhan last December and has now spread all over the world. Many people think that the coronavirus is a fake pandemic, and I’m inclined to agree with that view. All you have to look at is the total coronavirus hysteria being pumped out by the presstitutes, and look at the lock-down of huge numbers of people and enforced quarantine. There’s never been anything like this before with previous flu scares, and particularly since coronavirus has only killed a tiny fraction of people when compared to normal seasonal flu, and as with seasonal flu, coronavirus only badly effects the old and those with vulnerable medical conditions. It’s not only the presstitutes who are in hype overdrive, it’s also the big social media companies. I’ve never done a search on YouTube for ‘coronavirus’, or looked at many videos about it, yet on the YouTube landing page this is what gets pushed to me as ‘breaking news’ (it’s French language because I live in France, which incidentally reported the first cases of coronavirus in Europe)…

In the last week or so the presstitutes have been muttering that coronavirus might cause another global financial crash; but anyone who takes an interest in these matters knows that for a number of years now we’ve been due for another mega financial crash. This seems to be a chicken and egg scenario: will the coronavirus cause the economic crash? or has coronavirus been engineered to mask the economic crash and keep the angry plebs under control with enforced lock-downs and quarantine?

As I type this on a Friday afternoon, the end of the working week, stock markets worldwide are collapsing at the fastest rate in history. Some people think that coronavirus is a scam, that the psychopaths will make huge sums of money out of a crashing stock market, and then next week or whenever the World Health Organisation (which is as corrupt as hell) will announce that the crisis is over and the markets will go back to business as usual.

Whatever the truth behind it all, over the coming days and weeks you might have to hold onto your hat.

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  1. Freddy says:

    The Who are now saying this is the biggest health scare since the 1918 Spanish Flu.
    The U.K. Government are saying nothing, whatsoever.
    Yesterday I went to Tesco and it was supermarket sweep time, Dettol, bog paper, tinned food and wine being hovered up by scared people, the woman in the Queue behind me was coughing her guts up, I felt intimidated, there is real fear in the air.

    We will be seeing the collapse of the European Union soon, who will do their very best to prove how fucking useless they are.

  2. JOML says:

    Hi Rob, don’t really want to trivialise anyone’s ailments but quite like this

    Hope all’s well with yourself.


  3. Freddy says:

    Now Erdogan is opening the flood gates.

    Syria war: Turkey says thousands of migrants have crossed to EU

    As usual the EU does nothing.

    Have they no shame.
    They know the real reason Britain is leaving the EU is because it is useless at stopping migrants coming to Europe.
    Greek police are beating and gassing Greek people because the EU are paying them to do this.

  4. Freddy says:

    Blue Banana

    The European Megalopolis or the Liverpool–Milan Axis) is a discontinuous corridor of urbanisation spreading over Western and Central Europe, with a population of around 111 million.

    Spreading might be the appropriate word.

    Now more than one hundred people in France have it.

  5. Freddy says:

    EMMANUEL MACRON claimed he did not want to take any bets with a referendum on EU membership in France as he feared the French public would probably vote to leave, unearthed reports reveal.

    I am sure the French would vote to Leave the EU if they were to be given a choice.
    But would they vote to keep Emmanuel Macron?

  6. Freddy says:

    Wuhan flu started in China, so far only i case of Wuhan flu in Tibet, yet 200 cases in France?

  7. Freddy says:

    So far only one person has caught it in Tibet.
    No other province in China, other than Hubei,
    has as many cases as Italy.
    Most Chinese provinces have less cases than France?

  8. Freddy says:

    France seems to have the second most cases in Europe, after Italy, I think as it is rife in Haute-Savoie that ski-centres are one of the key spreading points.

    France now than 200 cases with several deaths.
    99% of cases in the U.K. and Ireland have been from Alps related travel.
    Switzerland has a huge number of cases for such a small country.
    People that go skiing tend to do a lot of social mixing and a lot of travelling.
    The super-spreader of Sussex probably caught it is Singapore then brought it into the French Alps, from there it spread to Spain and England.

  9. Freddy says:

    Creil 110 Airbase – OISE


    January 31, 2020, an Airbus A340 from the Esterel Transport Squadron 3/60 carries out the first evacuation mission of the French from WUHAN in China,home of the coronavirus epidemic

  10. Freddy says:
    Près de 550 personnes ont été rapatriées en France via la base aérienne (BA) 125 d’Istres, depuis Wuhan, en Chine, épicentre de l’épidémie causée par le coronavirus (2019-Cov). La permanence et la réactivité de l’Armée de l’air couplées au savoir-faire de la plateforme d’Istres en ambiance « nucléaires radiologiques biologiques et chimiques (NRBC) », ont permis la réalisation de cette opération aérienne de grande ampleur.

    Le 31 janvier, la première rotation a ramené des Français à bord d’un A340 de l’Armée de l’air de l’escadron de transport 3/60 « Esterel », stationné sur la BA 110 de Creil. La ministre de la Santé, Agnès Buzyn, a accueilli les rapatriés avant leur prise en charge par la brigade de gendarmerie de l’air (BGA), le Service de santé des armées et le groupement de soutien de base de défense (GSBdD) d’Istres, d’Orange et de Salon-de-Provence, pour une mise en quarantaine. 48 heures après, un deuxième rapatriement par un A380 affrété spécialement par l’État a eu lieu. Une troisième rotation, via la base d’Istres, a été effectuée le 9 février. Les experts NRBC du Centre d’expertise aérienne militaire (CEAM) ainsi que les équipes NRBC-E de la BA 120 de Cazaux, ont été mobilisées pour assurer la désinfection de l’avion et des moyens de transport des passagers, avec le soutien des pompiers de l’air des BA 115 d’Orange et BA 125 d’Istres.

  11. Freddy says:

    A chap very near to me has just died from Covid-19,
    reportedly the first death from this virus in England.

  12. Freddy says:

    The death toll from the new Coronavirus in ITALY has risen to 197 after the largest daily increase in fatalities there since the outbreak began.

    Officials said 49 people had died in 24 hours,
    while more than 4,600 cases have been reported in ITALY, in total.

    The country has now reported the most deaths outside of China, where the virus emerged in December.

    There are a phenomenal number of cases in Switzerland for such a small country, with some a high income per person.
    Reports of the coronavirus outbreak has made some French citizens very fearful and sparked panic-buying among others.

    Photos of empty shelves in French supermarkets throughout the country were posted on social media earlier this week as customers stocked up on pasta, rice and toilet paper.

  13. Freddy says:

    The price of Brent Crude is at a three year low, this means the World is wanting less oil,
    this has very little to do with mad concerns of Global Warming and everything to do with Wuhan Virus. Noticed how nobody is bothered by Global Warming, these days?
    Concerns have moved on.

    The Alps are in the Eye of the cytokine storm.

  14. Freddy says:

    One of the largest leisure complexes in Glasgow has temporarily closed after a Scotland women’s rugby player tested positive for Coronavirus.

    Scotstoun sports campus did not open on Saturday after the team trained at its stadium on Friday.

    Scotland’s women’s Six Nations match against FRANCE has also been cancelled.

    Sports centre users have been told that “appropriate cleaning measures” were taking place and it might reopen when public health experts say it is safe.

    Must be getting doggy if they are now shutting sporting events.

    Last night in the supermarket there was very little on the shlves and very, very, very few customers.
    Next week in the U.K. all old people will be put in to lock-down in their own homes.

    How are things, these days in FRANCE, Rob?

  15. Freddy says:

    Looks like FRANCE is riddled with it, maybe a thousand have it already.
    Second most infected country in all of Europe.

    Coronavirus France: Emmanuel Macron warns epidemic “inevitable” as outbreak grips National Assembly.

    When will Emmanuel Macron admit his game is over?

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Hi Freddy. I have replied to your e-mails but your ISP keeps bouncing them.

      President Macron is holding an emergency meeting this evening (Sunday), and afterwards he’s expected to announce further measures to deal with covid 19. I’ll do a post about it tomorrow.

      In my part of France no one is wearing a mask, there’s been no panic buying and people are shaking hands and greeting each other with kisses as usual. Nationwide in France, this weekend the yellow vests have been out on the streets as usual (Acte 69, the 69th consecutive week of protests). I haven’t seen any demonstrator wearing a coronavirus mask. The face masks only come out when the police start firing tear gas!

  16. Freddy says:

    One thing is becoming spotlighted, that is how completely useless
    the European Union is.
    They could not avert Brexit
    They can not avert Global Warming
    they can not avert the flood of immigration
    they cannot avert the coming economic crisis
    they cannot avert Coronavirus.

    So what is the purpose of the E.U. ?

  17. Freddy says:

    Another police shooting a knife man dead in London, yesterday.

    After being confronted by officers,
    the police shot the man dead after he produced two knives.

    Today there is a follow-on incident in the same street.

    • Freddy says:

      At least one person has been seriously injured after an armed man wearing a helmet opened fire inside a mosque at Rue de Tanger, Paris, before fleeing the scene on a scooter.

      Lots of Coronavirus round this way, shops restricting sale of food but they have masses of bog paper.
      You can’t eat bog paper.

  18. Freddy says:

    Six prisoners have died in a Modena prison after riots broke out in several Italian jails following the suspension of visits to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to authorities.
    NATO staff member tests positive for coronavirus.
    France now has more than 1,200 Coronavirus victims.

  19. Freddy says:

    All of Italy on RED -ZONE Lock-Down

    French Culture Minister Franck Riester has tested positive for the coronavirus, along with several other French officials, but he is currently “feeling well” and resting at his home.
    Five French parliamentarians have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and Riester is believed to have caught it from one of them. Riester had spent several days last week at the National Assembly. He last met President Emmanuel Macron five days ago.

  20. Freddy says:

    At least 30 dead, now in France, panic as more than 1600 are diagnosed in France.
    Macron goes in to headless chicken mode.

  21. Freddy says:

    U.K. panic mode
    as six dead, a government minister with it, who very recently was in meetings with Boris Johnson.
    Bank of England unexpectedly slashes interest rates to the lowest in more than 300 years, because of the pending economic tsunami of death.

  22. Freddy says:

    Now The Donald stops all people flying to United States from mainland Europe to keep the filthy disease at Bay.
    U.K. and Ireland exempt, for now.

    Italy on Total Lock-Down.

    Is the E.U. going to make its move soon?

  23. Freddy says:

    The Donald is to stop British and Irish people from flying in to America.
    Number of Deaths double in 24 hours in the U.K.
    This is now completely out of control.

    Coronavirus in France: Prime Minister announces closure of cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas
    14/03/2020 – 19:47

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, this is all being wildly hyped. I know you’re in an ‘at risk’ category but please be advised that at the moment you are far at less risk from the Frankenstein flu than you are from seasonal flu.

      Keep warm, eat well and remember that stress is one of the biggest killers out there.

      Talking of which, the lock down of France over this coronavirus nonsense will almost certainly lead to a full scale revolution; and I’m in the middle of it all!

      We live in interesting times.

      • Freddy says:

        Hi Rob, indeed we do live in interesting times, I was out cycling along the Thames Path yesterday, roads empty, hardly anyone about but it was raining.
        People are starting to panick as the death toll rises, rapidly, our government are very, very unclear on what is happening.
        It seems that all the major economies of Europe are under threat, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, France and Germany.

        This could end the Eurozone and Schengen cooperation, it might even be the death of the European Union.

  24. Freddy says:

    The coronavirus outbreak in France is “very worrying, deteriorating very fast”, the head of the country’s health service said Monday.

    “The number of cases double every three days,” Jerome Salomon said on France Inter.

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