Don’t Get Angry, Get Even

I dunno, it’s difficult to bang on about the covid crap all the time. This recent one, though, made me laugh…

In France at the moment there’s no restrictions on how many people you can have in your home (that’s nice of the government, isn’t it), but there is a 6pm nationwide curfew (think about that) which allowed the police to break up a massive orgy taking place in a Paris suburb (see above).

The French government has been on the verge of bringing in a third lockdown. They backed down at the last moment, because these little tosser politicians know that there will be a revolution if they bring in further bullshit.

I’m not even going to give a preamble to the following songs. I say that fully aware that we are in history in the fast lane at the moment. So, some very angry music, starting with Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Well, that made me feel a bit better, but my blood pressure is still not quite high enough. ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ was the debut album by The Stranglers, back in the day when there were some phenomenal debut albums. That’s all gone now, so enjoy your corporate controlled pap/crap. This track from ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ is called Ugly

While doing the pogo around my office, whilst clutching a bottle of vin rouge and puffing on a roll-up, I should mention that The Stranglers were an Anglo-French band. If interested listen to ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ and then their second album ‘No More Heroes’.

I could write reams about this next mob, who famously only ever released one studio album; but much of what I’d write would probably be a load of bollocks…

Get pissed. Destroy. Actually the Pistols were a bunch of kittens, as most people in showbiz are. However, the Pistols did provide a lightening rod for what was happening at the time (a post for another time, perhaps).

Are you angry enough yet? This next track has more than a billion views on YouTube (which I believe is some kind of record)…

How’s the blood pressure..? Is it 180 over Death yet?

So, a mellow kind of end to this post. I wonder why they killed John Lennon..?

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