Forever Changed

This one is so pertinent to what’s going on at the moment

Following the death of Andy Warhol, who died from a routine gall bladder operation in 1987 (I know, not much of a rock ‘n roll death), in 1990 Lou Reed and John Cale came together to make an album called Songs for Drella, as a tribute to Warhol. It was their first collaboration since the Velvet Underground days, when Warhol was their manager.

Sadly, Lou Reed finally managed to drink himself to death in 2013. John Cale is still alive and kicking, and now has pink hair and lectures kids about the dangers of drugs (good on him) . When Cale and Reed made Songs For Drella, both of them were totally whacked on heroin, and God knows what else. Nethertheless, Songs For Drella remains as one of the best albums made in the last 40 years (not least because of all the history behind it). This track is called Forever Changed. Anyone wearing a shirt collar like John Cale must have been whacked on something…

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