Further Covid Restrictions In France

Because I run a gite business in France I naturally pay close attention to the latest covid rollocks. The latest aforementioned rollocks was yesterday (Monday)…

The French prime minister has announced a number of measures to curb the fifth wave of the Covid-19 virus ahead of the Christmas holiday season. Although lockdowns are not on the menu, nightclubs in France will be ordered to close for four weeks, schools will apply a stricter protocol and remote working is to be reinforced

The French MSM are just as bad, if not worse, than the UK MSM.

These big grandstanding announcements, pumped-up by the Presstitutes, do not tell you what’s actually going on. The following are some excerpts sent today from a longstanding member of our local Am Dram society. Please bear in mind that the person who sent this does not have English as a first language…

I have just received very important instructions from the prefecture.

For our performances, each person must be checked: the spectators, the actors and the other people of the team.

The person who will control the passes must indicate their contact details for the gendarmerie: it is they who will be contacted in the event of a problem.

Barrier gestures must be applied, masks worn continuously for spectators.

The seats should be spaced one meter apart.

On stage, the actors will be able to play without a mask, but will have to respect the distances.

WE MUST CANCEL THE BAR: if the spectators want to drink during intermission, they can take water (or other drink) and drink it in their car. DRINK STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Sounds like fun, and very reminiscent of when I used to travel in communist eastern Europe. The sad thing is, this Am Dram theatre group hasn’t been able to put on a proper performance for the best part of two years, and they are now on the verge of bankruptcy.

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3 Responses to Further Covid Restrictions In France

  1. KarenEliot says:

    I attended a works lunch yesterday. What a charade. Face masks must be worn until you take your seat. Put your coat on your chair, cross the whole dining hall to go fetch cutlery, tray, etc then you’re served your mains. Oops, left your mask behind? Race back and fetch it. Or not. No one knows what to do, but never mind because what actually matters is the being confused and cringing in case someone barks an order.

    Wander along a bit and help yourself to vegetables left out in the open, with a single serving spoon for everyone to handle. Ladle on some gravy. Take your pud. Here and there a perspex screen with holly stencilled on it. Oh, look, there’s someone I’ve not seen for two years. or possibly not, maybe people should stencil their name on their muzzle.

    Eventually you go pay, wander back to the table, and sort of relax for a bit.

    A mere taste of yet another macabre scene in this nightmare life. The Am Dram group deserve rounds of applause for not just giving up, but I expect they soon will. Crushing our spirit is really all it’s about.

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Karen, I agree that this is all psychological and has ziltch to do with public health.

      Thank God I dropped out of the rat race many decades ago and no longer have to endure office parties. I don’t mean that in some kind of idyllic way, because in some aspects my life has been very hard. I just mean, no regrets (I shall spare you Edith, for the moment).

      Here’s another drop-out, and one of the Canterbury mob, from way back in the 70s…


      I believe the only one still alive is Mike Oldfield.

  2. Freddy says:

    Looks like several countries in Europe are going to mandate covid vaccinations,
    early in the New Year.
    U.K. is almost being overwhelmed by constantly shifting rules.

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