Keep On Truckin In The Free World

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, effectively brought in martial law…

I’m no expert on Canadian law, but as far as I understand it, when a Canadian prime minister invokes the Emergencies Act it comes into effect immediately. The Parliament then has 7 days to either vote it through or vote it down. The Emergencies Act has only been used once before in Canada, in 1970 when Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau used it to quell the separatist movement in Quebec. That was in just one province. What Justin Trudeau announced yesterday was the first time that the Emergencies Act has been used at a federal level: it applies to the whole of Canada. The Act gives the government unlimited powers, without any legal recourse for citizens.

In just two weeks the Canadian truckers have not only turned around their own country, but also the entire world (see Australia for an example and New Zealand). The psychos who rule over us are bricking themselves about these massive worldwide protests, and are throwing everything they can at them, including the kitchen sink, with dynamite attached.

There are a number of groups who claim to speak for the Canadian truckers. Some of these groups contain government agents. The following group gave this press conference shortly after Trudeau’s announcement yesterday, and they do seem to be genuine. It can be a little bit tedious (unless you want to practice your French) because everything gets translated. However, it’s well worth watching if you want some kind of handle on what’s actually happening with the protests in Canada…

The following is a short clip from the Coutts border crossing in the south of Alberta. Apparently this was shot after Trudeau made his announcement…

And this is another short clip from Ottawa this evening (Tuesday)…

This really is a momentous moment in history.

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4 Responses to Keep On Truckin In The Free World

  1. Freddy says:

    Seems like the epicentre of covid has moved to France-Germany.
    France has had had a staggering number of covid cases – 22 million
    France has the most intensive care covid case in Europe, U.K. is the eleventh highest intensive care cases.
    U.K. is likely to stop virtually all covid “measures”, within the next few weeks.

    Probably, this means we entered the Kent wave before Europe, we entered the Indian wave before Europe and we entered the South African wave before Europe.
    I doubt it means we have dealt with the pandemic better than France but we are now, never likely to revert to harsh measures against our own people, unlike New Zealand, China or Canada.
    Our economy is picking-up-speed, many jobs have been created, since BREXIT.
    Massive infrastructure is coming on line, such as the recently constructed Norway-England, North Sea HVDC two starnd cable, it is the longest subsea interconnector in the World.
    It comes ashore at Blyth.
    Blyth is goning to be the site for British Volt, our first Gigafactory, to produce home grown car batteries.
    A deal has just been sealed to make wind-turbines on Tees Side to install the World’s largest off-shore wind-farm on the Dogger Bank.
    We are now unchained, no rules, just flat-out for the future.
    France should consider jumping over the side and leaving the sclerosis of the E.U.
    You can’t move fast if you are hide-bound by rules, they are like a bag of rats biting each other’s tails.

  2. Freddy says:

    Looks like the nutter Trudeau is invoking “catastrophe rules” for truckers who will not bow-down to him.
    Is he an empereor, like your Macron?
    Elon Musk has likened Trudeau to Hitler.

    We in the U.K. are battening down our hatches, a storm is coming, thirty years worse,

  3. Freddy says:

    This musician is so good it is unreal
    Lots of huge trees down near me, no loss of life yet.

  4. Freddy says:

    It has just been stated that in 2021 the Economy of the U.K. expanded by 7.5%

    looks like Brexit has done us a huge service.

    I can not see us ever re-joining the disgusting E.U.

    Our Queen now has covid – mild, apparently.

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