Scott Ritter Interviewed by Gerald Celente

Oh what a strange war, coming at exactly the right moment when the public were getting fed-up with the covid nonsense (does anyone still remember the Freedom Convoy in Canada?). In Ukraine the phone networks are still operating just about everywhere, and likewise internet connection. Despite this, over the last month we haven’t seen any genuine phone footage of a war that is supposed to be taking place. All we get is stock footage of bombed out buildings and shell craters, footage that could have been taken anywhere in the world. You don’t even see a sign or advertising hoarding in this footage that would indicate that it’s in Ukraine.

I know, I’m an old cynic. Here’s a recent good interview with Scott Ritter, who does believe that a real war is taking place. This is a very emotional and interesting interview…

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  1. Freddy says:

    Hello Rob,
    well Ms. Pen seems to be rising to the top, do you think she can unhorse Macron?

    In U.K. both our chancellor and prime minister have been fined for going to a party, while their lock-down rules applied. Inflation now at seven percent in U.K. with Bank of England putting up bank rate.
    GDP growth has stalled and almost6 everything that you might want to purchase, costs a lot more than it did the day befopre.

    Perhaps you could give us an insight in to how expensive life has become for peasants in FRANCE?

  2. Freddy says:

    As far as the war in Ukraine goes, the Russians just struck an airbase in Western Ukraine,
    Starokostiantyniv Air Base, sometimes Americans fly from England to undertake war-games from this Ukraine Air Base.
    They sometimes fly from Lakenheath.
    Lakenheath although nominally an RAF base it is home to USAFE-AFAFRICA.

  3. Freddy says:

    Hello Rob,
    “Cost of Living” crisis is getting ever more dangerous, in the United Kingdom.
    Almost everything, is shooting up, in price.
    Now at 7% inflation but they are expecting it to go up to 8% next month and maybe twelve percent by this time, next year.
    The millions currently on the poverty-line, will soon be in real poverty, as far as I hear, our government have no solution.
    Energy firms are making a killing.

  4. Freddy says:

    Hello Rob, you seem to having nutters post on your blog.

    I know you were ken for Jean-Luc Antoine Pierre Mélenchon.
    He did very well in the first bash but now it is between Pen and the arsehole Macron.

    They say you get the leader you deserve.

    Have you made your mind up yet?
    I hear many will not even vote?

    I would love to hear how “The Cost of Living Crisis”

    is playing out in France.

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