The Psychology Of Totalitarianism

I haven’t been around much on this blog just recently. This is a combination of being very busy with work, and also because the WordPress software that this blog is based upon has become so bloated that it’s no longer easy to use. I’m trying to find alternative blog software.

In the meantime…

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3 Responses to The Psychology Of Totalitarianism

  1. Freddy says:

    Oh dear, France is running out of options as to power availability.

    Quote BBC

    “Some in the hydro industry say that lack of investment in modernisation and in transmission lines are also causing problems.

    We are going to face a huge problem this winter. And that should be a wake-up call to have more investment in the infrastructure for the next few years,” says Eddie Rich from the International Hydropower Association.

    The exceptionally hot weather is also hitting nuclear power production, especially in France. Around half of the 56 reactors in the fleet are offline,
    with several affected by a systemic issue with corrosion.

    Those reactors that are working are often cooled with water from rivers that are now running low, while temperatures are running high.

    Once the water in the rivers is very low and very hot, basically you have to stop cooling down nuclear power plants. That’s because the water that’s released is dangerous for fish and other species in the rivers,” said Prof Sonia Seneviratne, from ETH Zurich.

    The French government is now allowing some facilities to release very warm water back into the rivers!

    Recently, the French State owned E.D.F. closed Hinkley Point B, in Somerset, England.
    We are all going to be buggered, unless we start using coal, again.

  2. Freddy says:

    As to totalitarianism, that is how the E.U. Elite work.
    The E.U. Elite have engendered a food crisis, a fuel crisis and an immigration crisis.
    What say does the ordinary European peasant have?

  3. Freddy says:

    No functioning government in the U.K.
    No functioning in Italy.
    France, Italy and Germany in very deep shit.
    U.K. also going down faster than anyone could imagine.
    Europe is buggered.
    Just because we do not wish to trade with Russia.
    Russia has almost one third of the World resources.

    Bad move Europe, like shooting yourself through both feet.
    Ukraine is almost deceased.

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