Why Did The NHS Betray Us?

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  1. Freddy says:

    “On Tuesday government spokesman Olivier Veran threatened extreme force to end the blockades which have paralysed France’s refineries and oil depots.

    If blockades were not ended “immediately”, Veran told the RTL broadcaster, “we will step in, which means we could intervene to lift them”.

    Oh dear, sounds like France is in a worse state than England

  2. Sarah Godfrey says:

    Unfortunately, the NHS is at the beck and call of the pharmaceutical industry. Did you know that there are many peer-reviewed studies showing that chemotherapy and radiotherapy stimulate the production of stem cancer cells? Chemo and radio should’ve been stopped as soon as this was discovered. In the US a course of chemo can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why it’s still prescribed, which is the bottom line here.

  3. Freddy says:

    NHS still not back to doing as many operations as pre-covid.

    This year a brand new NHS hospital has opened, near me, in Ascot, Berkshire.
    I had a hernia operation done in June, I think I was called in early as somebody else had pulled out, it went smoothly.

    • Freddy says:

      The original Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot, was opened by the youngest son of Queen Victoria, the hospital was officially opened in May 1923 by the Duke of Connaught.
      The completely new hospital, built in the bog cost one hundred million pounds.
      It has six operating theatres.
      The old scattered hospital buildings will mostly be demolished.

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