Blood on the Turntables – Malcolm McLaren vs John Lydon

To get away from all the doom and gloom at the moment here’s something a bit more lighthearted; well, not lighthearted if you had money in this.

This documentary, Blood on the Turntables, keeps getting banned by YouTube. I’ve no idea how long this version will stay up for.

It’s a fascinating story, a story that maybe people who weren’t around in this era will still find interesting (Note from about 6.15 to 7.30 the sound goes out, for inexplicable reasons)…

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3 Responses to Blood on the Turntables – Malcolm McLaren vs John Lydon

  1. Freddy says:

    Workers at three hydro-electric plants in Scotland have voted for strike action over pay.

    Sorry to bring the moos down Rob, but it is all down in the U.K.
    Extreme shortages of food, no, toms/turnips/eggs.
    No ambulances/doctors.
    Nurses on strike , junior doctors on strike, power workers on strike, teachers on strike, lawyers on strike, postal workers on strike, rail workers on strike, immigration officials on strike
    I expect I have left some off the ever growing list of people angry and wanting to go on strike.

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, it’s not that difficult to grow your own food. I would hazard that the main thing with it is not to plant GMO crap. Even if you don’t have a garden you can still put a box on your window sill and grow tomatoes, or whatever. With the British climate you probably wouldn’t even have to water the plants that much.

      If you do have some kind of garden, I’d say keep chickens. All you have to do is make sure they have water. They will then roam around your garden, eating all the weeds and insects, and in return you will get freshly laid eggs.

      If it does all go really belly-up those tomatoes and freshly laid eggs will keep you alive.

  2. Freddy says:

    Hello Rob, I think it is a race to the bottom in the continent of Europe, which state will be the first to go belly up.
    I expect it will be Turkey, with an inflation rate of close to 100%.
    If we put Turkey and Russia and Ukraine and Moldova and Belarus to one side and concentrate on the U.K. and E.U.?

    Will it be Greece or Italy or Poland or Spain or Portugal or France or the U.K.

    There used to be the PIIGS
    that was Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain.

    “It is exactly these estimated large amounts of recoverable gas that have opened up the Eastern Mediterranean as a new deep-sea gas region. In Brussels, they start realizing that potential hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean waters could be made exploitable and available replacing the Russian gas imports.”

    I think Greece and Cyprus will become quite rich as they have access to The Eastern Mediterranean Methane Basin – a massive Natural Gas Reservoir.

    These days Ireland is doing very well.

    So my guess who will crack first

    Poland or Italy or France or the U.K.
    Or more likely many will go down together

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