Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey

This one half killed me, quite literally: Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey. It’s covered in my fourth memoir, The Iberian Job. Here’s the book blurb…

The Iberian Job, a mad business scheme designed by Rob Godfrey to get the £30,000 he needed to build Commuter, an installation piece. Commuter is a 50 foot long coffin with toy trains running up and down it, and also a serious attempt to create consciousness within a machine.This isn’t ‘artificial intelligence’, but non-biological intelligence: a real mind outside of a messy biological structure like the brain.The Gods were angry, though, and while attempting to get Commuter built, Rob went through incredible hardship and misfortune, including serious injury, and on a number of occasions he ended-up homeless and penniless. The Iberian Job got Rob into a whole heap of trouble and left his reputation in tatters. This almost unbelievable tale spans the UK, France, Spain and Portugal.The Iberian Job is a journey into one man’s quest to answer the most fundamental question of them all: what is the ‘mind’? It’s also a journey across western Europe and gives a rich insight into what it’s like to live in places such as France and Portugal, particularly with regard to being down and out. After reading this book you’ll never be afraid again.

So why am I banging on about this..? Well it’s because I’ve now got the Commuter web site fully up and running again. For a web site built 20 years ago it had all the bells and whistles, including embedded video. Unfortunately this was Adobe flash video which no longer works with modern browsers. I’ve now replaced the old flash videos with mp4 files, which should work. Here’s an example of one…

If you want to know what dropping a tab of acid is like you should visit the Commuter web site…

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  1. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    What colour acid?

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