The insane old gits who run ‘Totalitarian-land’

As the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions spill over into the rest of the region, and it gets widely reported via new digital media, many folks in the west will be getting their first taste of Totalitarian-land: the photos and videos uploaded from mobile phones, the Tweets, the posts on sites like Facebook, news interviews conducted by Skype, etc. What’s laughable about these uprisings is how the various despotic regimes have all reacted to them in almost exactly the same way – the ‘pro-government demonstrations’, the incredible violence against unarmed and peaceful protesters, letting criminals lose on the streets to cause maximum chaos and mayhem, beating-up journalists and trying to close down media outlets, the crude propaganda, the ‘pro-government supporters’ who appear on CNN, the BBC, SKY, etc, to declaim how wonderful the regime is. It shows just how unbelievably corrupt and out of touch and backward these despots are.

The insane old gits who run these regimes need to be swept into the dustbin of history.

But alas, at the time of writing it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen without the spilling of much blood.

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