The anatomy of a madman – Breivik’s manifesto and the Washington Post

The Washington Post are rather bizaarely (or perhaps not) hosting the manifesto written by Anders Behring Breivik. There’s a link to it in this story…

In diary, Norwegian ‘crusader’ details months of preparation for attacks

Breivik’s manifesto runs to 1518 pages (yes, one thousand five hundred and eighteen) and mostly consists of a hate spiel against Islam. Towards the end of it there’s a Q & A section, with Breivik answering questions about himself, his life, and the massacre he is about to commit. It starts at around page 1379. Following the Q & A there’s a diary of events leading up to the massacre. In this diary Breivik gives an incredibly detailed account of how he made the bomb that devastated downtown Oslo last Friday. He also goes into much detail about the weapons and ammunition he used for the massacre on Utoeya Island.

The terrible events of last Friday have tapped into the growing resentment in Europe against immigration. Breivik’s manifesto is a precise blueprint for other nutters out there who may want to commit similar atrocities. Its publication by the Washington Post is one of the most irresponsible pieces of journalism that I’ve seen for a long while.

Editing in: the Daily Telegraph (a right wing newspaper in the UK) are hosting the 12 minute propaganda video which Breivik posted on YouTube…

Norway shootings: Anders Behring Breivik’s YouTube video posted hours before killings

Breivik’s cool, calculated massacre appears to be achieving some of its objectives.

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