I was at a dinner party last night and the subject of the North Africa and Middle East uprisings came up. Just about everyone sitting around that table thought that the uprisings would lead to Islamic extremists seizing power. Iran was cited, where in 1979 a popular uprising for democracy was later taken over by extremists.

Of course, there is a chance that this might happen now in some countries. However, if Islamists do seize power it seems certain that the protesters will be out on the streets again, because what’s extraordinary about these uprisings is not only that they are apolitical, but also that the vast majority of protesters want religion out of politics. The protesters will not put up with being governed by a bunch of nutters who still think that the world is in the 5th century.

The nutters/extremists in this world are a tiny, tiny minority. Unlike the past, the vast majority, the ‘normal people’, are now incredibly well connected to each other. Also at that dinner party last night were two teenage girls. As we all sat there the girls were Tweeting, social networking and surfing the Net on their mobile phones.

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