The Arab Uprisings and women war reporters

Women news reporters have played a prominent part during the recent dramatic events in Libya. The first news team to get into the Bab al-Aziziya compound yesterday were fronted by Alex Crawford for Sky News. Crawford has received high praise for her coverage of the fall of Tripoli, and indeed for her reporting throughout the Libyan Uprising. But there’s also women like Zeina Khodr and Sue Turton from Al Jazeera (Khodr was only shortly behind Crawford yesterday), and Lyse Doucet and Orla Guerin from the BBC, and Lindsey Hilsum from Channel 4. All these women, and others, have been in the thick of battle. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t that long ago when CBS News’ Lara Logan was attacked in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

Here’s Alex Crawford from the Bab al-Aziziya compound, and then Zeina Khodr with the rebels as they fought their way into the centre of Tripoli. Incidentally, at the end of the Khodr piece the camera pans around the excited rebels and there appears to a NATO ‘boots on the ground’ amongst them.

I wonder what Kate Adie would make of it all. Here she is reporting from Tripoli in 1986 while it was being bombed by the Americans…

Kate Adie remembers her visits to Libya: “You heard whispers, you heard rumours. Years ago, the Italian ambassador told me he had complained of the screams they could hear overnight. He said that they found rubbish skips with limbs in them in the morning. That’s the kind of place it was.”

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  1. Keith Thomson says:

    Do you really believe that Gadaffi left limbs in a skip in the streets of Tripoli… what a laugh!!! I used to think Kate Adie was a credible reporter. She should be ashamed of herself reporting “rumours” like this without any evidence of proof. Kate Adie is just a puppet of the zionist world order that is speading chaos through the world.

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