Is it even legal? – More about common law

Richard Vobes has done a lot recently about common law/natural law. Personally I’m a bit sceptical about it. I can’t think of one court case that’s ever been successfully won using common law. Being sceptical again, I would say this is because the law is set by those with the most weapons and biggest police/military.

However, I found this interview with Stan McDonald to be quite interesting. It’s about the burden of tax and whether we should pay these impositions if they are not even legal. The interview is about an hour long, and is well worth a listen if you have an interest in common law issues.

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Claire Daly – Ukraine War

Claire Daly is an Irish MEP and one of the last socialist voices in the EU Parliament. Here’s some clips of what she has said in the last week. This is taken from Tony Gosling’s NotBCFM Politics show. The full episode (Friday 21st April) can be found [here]( (this full episode is worth a listen).

Apologies for the sound quality in this 12 minute clip. I’m still having mega computer problems.

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What’s it all about, Alfie

Richard Vobes’ YouTube channel has gone through the roof since he started to get into ‘conspiracy theories’. This vid, Are you programmed to obey?, is an hour long, yet well worth a watch…

Richard Vobes was banned from YouTube as a result of this video, and is on probation for a further six months. Personally I would tell YouTube to take a running jump, yet a large amount of content creators still use them. is one of the main alternatives to YouTube.

Note: is banned in France and some other countries. If the above link doesn’t work you need to get the Tor browser or a VPN.

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Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey

This one half killed me, quite literally: Commuter – An installation by Rob Godfrey. It’s covered in my fourth memoir, The Iberian Job. Here’s the book blurb…

The Iberian Job, a mad business scheme designed by Rob Godfrey to get the £30,000 he needed to build Commuter, an installation piece. Commuter is a 50 foot long coffin with toy trains running up and down it, and also a serious attempt to create consciousness within a machine.This isn’t ‘artificial intelligence’, but non-biological intelligence: a real mind outside of a messy biological structure like the brain.The Gods were angry, though, and while attempting to get Commuter built, Rob went through incredible hardship and misfortune, including serious injury, and on a number of occasions he ended-up homeless and penniless. The Iberian Job got Rob into a whole heap of trouble and left his reputation in tatters. This almost unbelievable tale spans the UK, France, Spain and Portugal.The Iberian Job is a journey into one man’s quest to answer the most fundamental question of them all: what is the ‘mind’? It’s also a journey across western Europe and gives a rich insight into what it’s like to live in places such as France and Portugal, particularly with regard to being down and out. After reading this book you’ll never be afraid again.

So why am I banging on about this..? Well it’s because I’ve now got the Commuter web site fully up and running again. For a web site built 20 years ago it had all the bells and whistles, including embedded video. Unfortunately this was Adobe flash video which no longer works with modern browsers. I’ve now replaced the old flash videos with mp4 files, which should work. Here’s an example of one…

If you want to know what dropping a tab of acid is like you should visit the Commuter web site…

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Renovations in France

As an independent voice on the internet it’s gets harder and harder to keep on publishing, because of ever increasing draconian restrictions. Everything used to sit under my domain, which was taken out in February 2020, almost exactly one month before the first covid lockdown came in (I held for 20 years, since 2000).

I’ve been trying to re-post web sites under my domain. Not sure if this one will be of interest…

It covers the renovation of a large house in France during 2007 and 2008. This is a property that I still live in. The photos are handy, because if anything goes seriously wrong it shows me how I ran the services all those years ago.

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It’s all rapidly collapsing

… and it’s coming to a bank near you sometime soon.

The Dollar is now in total collapse. The Trump nonsense is designed to be a distraction from this.

I don’t usually take much notice of financial gurus online, because they are usually trying to flog you something (usually silver or gold, which makes a nice meal when fried in a pan with butter when society has collapsed and you’re starving). This piece today, by Neil McCoy-Ward, is actually pretty much on the mark…

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One of the craziest police pursuits I’ve ever seen

In Southern California, of course, a large RV that had been hijacked and was being pursued by the police. It’s a 50 minute video. Skip to about 3 minutes in to see the first crash. Skip to 14 minutes in to see the end of the pursuit. This is best watched in full screen (press Esc to escape full screen).

I post this because it’s quite an unusual one (as well as a large RV it involves a woman and a dog). Also, these live-on-air police pursuits are now a regular staple in places like California (because they get a huge amount of viewers), which brings in the bread and circuses aspect of it. And the last ‘also’ is the huge volume of roads and traffic in parts of the world like this – the LA freeways are a wonder to behold.

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So what are ‘Five Minute Cities’?

I have lots to say about this, because it’s all tied into what’s been happening over the last 3 years. In the meantime here’s a recent Jason Liosatis programme about Five Minute Cities…

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The No-Nato Protest

if you look at last Sunday’s No-Nato protest, it was banned by ‘the authorities’ on two previous occasions. On the third occasion, on Sunday, they had to hold it in a hall that was part of the Venezuelan Embassy in London.

When it comes to free speech, it’s all very similar to East Berlin in the old days.

The following is a 30 minute recap of the protest. If you go to the Not the Andrew Marr Show channel on YouTube you can find full clips of all the speeches, plus other content you might find interesting.

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Sandi Adams talks Dystopia

Sandi Adams was a corporate insider, having worked for the likes of Google and Microsoft (where she met Bill Gates). She does a very good job of explaining the dystopia we are rapidly heading into, which stems from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (more than 30 years ago!). The Earth Summit resulted in UN Agenda 2021 and UN Agenda 2030. It’s the stuff of nightmares that’s often been difficult to get across to people. However, after the last 3 years many are now waking up to these agendas. Here’s Sandi Adams being interviewed recently by James Delingpole…

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Blood on the Turntables – Malcolm McLaren vs John Lydon

To get away from all the doom and gloom at the moment here’s something a bit more lighthearted; well, not lighthearted if you had money in this.

This documentary, Blood on the Turntables, keeps getting banned by YouTube. I’ve no idea how long this version will stay up for.

It’s a fascinating story, a story that maybe people who weren’t around in this era will still find interesting (Note from about 6.15 to 7.30 the sound goes out, for inexplicable reasons)…

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George Galloway at the Oxford Union

George Galloway took part in a debate last week at the Oxford Union. Galloway was supposed to be debating against Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, and also to debate the head of the British Army. Both of them chickened out at the last moment, and instead Tobias Ellwood (dim but nice, and head of the 77th Brigade) was put in their place. If interested here’s Galloway’s closing speech of the debate…

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Tony Benn on The Media and the Political Process

This speech is from way back in 2006. It’s at an NUJ meeting in Bristol (Benn was an MP in Bristol).

Whatever your political stripe, and whatever you think about Tony Benn, this guy really knew how the world works.

By comparison, nowadays most politicians are like five-year-olds on LSD.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Zelensky But Was Afraid To Ask

This is a recent Mint Press News podcast, featuring Max Blumenthal. As usual I don’t agree with everything said here. I post it because most of what’s said is true, and it’s an important counter to the tidal wave of pro-Ukraine war propaganda. There hasn’t been propaganda like this since the Vietnam war. The psychos are pumping out this relentless stuff because they are trying to sell the Ukraine War to people in the West, at a time when many people in the West can’t afford to feed and heat themselves…

The original Mint Press programme page can be found here.

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Richie Allen Show – Andrew Brigen Statement

The following is a 20 minute excerpt from the Richie Allen Show on Wednesday 14th December. Allen is presenting clips from a speech that Andrew Brigen gave in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening. Brigen is the Conservative MP for Leicester West, and is talking about vaccine deaths and injury, using his own government’s statistics…

The complete Richie Allen Show, 14th December, can be found here (it’s an MP3 that might take a few minutes to download).

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