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The Yukon Queen…

… is of course the name I gave to the No.1 car, after we made a record-breaking drive up to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska. That was in 1999 and since then the book I’ve written about the 2CV Alaska … Continue reading

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J’adore mon Deux Chevaux

The Citroen 2CV. People seem to either love ’em or hate ’em. This French motoring icon has appeared in many films. Let’s start with the obvious one: the 1981 Bond film, For Your Eyes Only… Inspector Clouseau called his Deux … Continue reading

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Luh Dontist – part 2

Is anyone remotely interested in my teeth..? Of course not, but other people blog about boring things so I reserve the right to do the same. Yesterday I went back to my dontist for the crise cardiaque, the estimate for … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Andre the Mountie

In a previous post I talked about my cousin Andre, and how he became Dipsy the Teletubbie as part of the publicity for my campaign to abolish the tv licence in the UK (see here). Well, politics is a rough … Continue reading

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Dipsy Rides Again

I don’t remember much of the eight hour flight to Paris. I was in a drunken slumber. When I came to the plane was touching down at Charles de Gaulle airport. It was lunchtime and I took the RER to … Continue reading

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