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Over a hundred million books sold. Translated into over forty languages. Pressed to reveal the secret of Tintin's phenomenal success, Hergé said, "I don't know. I absolutely don't know. I'm amazed with his success. I receive letters from all parts of the world, and I'm always surprised that an Indian boy, or even a Chinese boy, writes to me and says that he loves Tintin". His colleagues and admirers put it down to indefinable genius. His first wife put it down to hard work. The answer probably lies somewhere between the two.

Hergé and His Creation - by Harry Thompson

The Tintin Books - by Rob Godfrey

Tintin: A History of the Anglo-American Editions - by Todd Mills

The Hergé Foundation - by Rob Godfrey

"Herge" was born on 22nd May 1907 in Etterbeek, a suburb of Brussels, in Belgium. His full name was Georges Remi. His nom de plume comes from the reverse of his initials - R.G - HERGÉ. Clever, non?

All Tintin images on these pages are copyright by Hergé - Moulinsart/1998. 

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