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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

March 13-15th 1999 - "Dress Rehearsal"
Trip to the Outer Hebrides

The remote group of islands known as the Outer Hebrides contain some of the roughest terrain and road conditions to be found anywhere in northern Europe. If the car could withstand the Outer Hebrides during the winter, there was a good chance of it surviving in wilderness conditions on the other side of the world during the summer.

The car was exactly as it would be on the Alaska trip, including some crates of beer and cartons of cigarettes that had mysteriously found their way into the trunk. As well as a test of the car, the Outer Hebrides trip was also a test to see how difficult it would be to write despatches while on the road, and to find internet connection in remote places in order to e-mail the despatches to our friend in Canada, who was running The 2CV Alaska Challenge web site. Not least, the Outer Hebrides trip would also be a test to see if Jose and Rob could work together as a team under arduous conditions without strangling each other...


Despatches from the Outer Hebrides:

#1: Tarbert, Isle of Harris, Saturday 13th March 1999

#2: Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Monday 15th March 1999

#3: Fort Augustus, Loch Ness, Tuesday 16th March 1999

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These Bulletins originally appeared on The 2CV Alaska Challenge web site and remain the copyright of Rob Godfrey.