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      New Bathrooms

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11th Nov 2007: Bedroom No.1 with existing en-suite bathroom.

Bedroom No.2 with existing en-suite.

New baths 2 & 3 to go in small attic adjoining main house.

Attic adjoining bed 1 and bed 2.

2 doorways to be put thru 3ft thick stone wall!

11th Nov 2007: drains in place and new dividing wall under construction.

16th Nov: existing bathroom demolished in bedroom 1.

16th Nov: bed 1: new doorways marked on wall.

27th Nov 2007: someone previously has removed the bottom of a supporting wall!

The main roof beam sits directly above the new doorways!

Acros start sprouting!

10th December 2007: attic ceiling is insulated boarded.

13th December: doorway is knocked through for bathroom 1.

This had to be done without disturbing the attic's tiled roof.

23rd December: new roof lights installed.

23rd December: new roof lights installed.

4th January 2008: doorway put through for Bathroom 2.

13th January: lintels are installed and concreted.

15th Jan: boarding out bath 1.

Salvador Dali plasterboard.

22nd Jan: bath 1 doorway.

25th Jan: Robierre installs the bath.

28th Jan: bath 1 is plumbed in...

... and ready to roll.

31st Jan: bath 1 gets a door...

and doors for the
walk-in wardrobe.

7th February: bath 2 gets some plumbing.

12th Feb: bath 2 gets
boarded out.

15th Feb: new doorway
put through for bath 2.

15th Feb: new bath 2 on the left,
old bath 2 on the right.

17th Feb: bath 2 gets a
sit-in shower.

28th Feb: bath 2 passageway is built.

2nd March: bath 2 passageway is boarded.

3rd March: corridor cupboard demolished...

... to make bed 2 larger.

4th March: old bed 2 bathroom is demolished.

9th March: the remains of old bath 2.

Bedroom No.3 with existing en-suite bathroom.

New bath 3 to go in adjoining room.

9th Jan 2008: doorway is put through for bath 3.

17th April 2008: bath 3 ceiling is boarded out.

17th April: this section of attic floor to be removed.

2nd June: building work starts on bath 3.

2nd June: a raised floor is built to match the level of
bed 3.

9th June: pipework and radiators are installed.

16th June: attic beams are removed.

18th June: drains are installed.

14th October: after building a garden pond, etc, work continues...

20th Oct: with a new arrangement for the ceiling...

20th Oct: and a lot of re-wiring.

24th October: bathroom furniture is fitted.

1st Nov 2008: doorway is knocked through...

1st Nov: ...from bed 3 to new bathroom 3.

1st Nov: old bath 3 is ripped out.

16th Feb 2009: bath 3 gets finished in the attic.

14th April: bath 3 gets plastered.


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