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      The New Kitchen and Bedroom No.4

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14th August 2007: before it's a kitchen it's a Site Office.

14th Aug: that's a glass of Ribena on the table, not vin rouge.

14th Aug: things accumalate in site offices.

14th Aug: bedroom No.4 before work commences

14th Aug: but the building is falling down!

The wall has moved approx. 4 inches in an easterly direction.

30th November 2007: new French door arrives for the kitchen.

9th Jan 2008: doorway is put through for master bathroom

10th Jan: Albert the builder starts work, and first ensures that the building does not fall down!

11th Jan: a 2 metre section of wall is removed...

... from the ground floor right up to the attic.

16th Jan: the bottom part of a new concrete block wall with steel pins.

25th Jan: Albeirre starts putting in the lintel...

... for the kitchen French windows.

25th Jan: doorway is put through from new kitchen to dining room.

29th Jan: Albeirre finishes the lintel.

19th Feb: kitchen doorway is put through.

9th March: 40 sheets of plasterboard appear in the front room.

27th March: new kitchen doors are fitted.

8th April: living room is screened-off.

11th April: doorway to dining room is made good.

14th April: new false ceiling is insulated.

14th April: kitchen walls are built.

14th April: new stairs to Bed 4 will go in this corner.

27th April:
new wiring is run...

27th April:
... to the fuse board

4th May: new step for the
doorway to dining room.

8th May: pipework is installed.

8th May: kitchen radiator is installed.

18th May: plasterboarding begins.

20th May: drains are installed.

22nd May: old mantelpiece is removed.

31st May: the new stairs are installed...

31st May: the stairs fit perfectly.

4th June: bed 4 floor gets levelled out.

23rd June: floor beams are rebuilt to form stair opening.

23rd June: the final section of stairway is fitted.

9th September: new doors to the dining room are fitted.

22nd Sep: the kitchen front door is fitted (a kitten explores).

28th Sep: kitchen cabinets begin to be assembled.

28th Sep: new step for kitchen door.

14th October: bedroom No.4 gets lagged.

14th Oct: bed 4 bathroom under construction (with bed 3 bath on view).

15th Oct: the kitchen gets plastered...

15th October: it took three and a half days.

11th Nov 2008: the kitchen timber floor is layed.

30th Nov: Ikea kitchen cabinets...

30th Nov: ... are assembled and installed

8th Dec 2008: floor tiles are layed.

15th Dec: wall tiles are layed.

18th Dec: a secret passageway
up to the attic.

17th Jan 2009: almost exactly one year after work first began...

... the kitchen is completed!

14th April: bed 4 gets boarded out.

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