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18th August 2007: Tom the cat in his favourite spot.

28th Aug: Tom engaged in his favourite occupation.

12th September: a big bug poses for the camera.

13th Sep: a misty September sunrise.

15th Sep: does anyone want to buy this bloody solid fuel stove!

27th August: the site office moves to more civilised surroundings.

18th August: destruction begins
in the rabbit Colditz.

22nd Sep: the architect's sign
(a big fine if you don't put it up).

22nd Sep: a 2CV
lurks in the barn.

22nd Sep: sheep are very,
very interesting

19th Sep: today I demolished two
chimneys and buried a cat.

1st Oct: our bovine neighbours (do they know what veal is?)

6th October 2007: the new cooker gets photographed.

10th Oct: dusk, and the dogs are baying.

20th Oct: the first frost of the year.

9th Nov 2007: lambing goes on all year round.

29th Jan 2008: rock and spoil from six new doorways.

16th Feb 2008: the daffodils start blooming.

31st March 2008: the old chicken shed becomes a store room.

6th April: the concrete mixer finds a new home.

16th April: the farmer is going to sell us one of the lambs.

18th April: frisky sheep.

29th May: lots of ducks.

16th June: a grouse in the garden.

6th August: new kittens!.

What would a cat Google?

12th Sep: the kittens meet their neighbours.

12th Sep: is it a big cat or small sheep?

The kittens are called Tom-two and Nolly.

24th Oct: older kittens go fishing.

12th Dec 2008: the brightest moon for 15 years.

4th Jan 2009: the big freeze begins.

6th Jan: a couple of inches of snow falls.

6th Jan: it's a bitch being a goldfish.

22nd April: the fish are sunbathing...

... and cats are climbing.

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